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WIWOW – In the Groove

Walk In Walk Out Wednesday – A 1 hour session for staff

Topic: Unpacking the netbooks #2

Present: BG, Bob G, Anne-Maree H, KO,  AM, Jordan (student)

Resources: library netbooks, easispeak microphones, MS Groove

Upon enquiring about our student helper, Jordan as to one of his favourite software features on the netbooks, the response was MS Groove. Time was spent exploring this software, registering a user name and password, adding contacts and experimenting with the chat feature and the audio recording element. Discovered that only two people can chat. There is a chat facility and a recording facitily

Discussion took place as to its possible application in classroom use.

  • backchannel
  • feedback for teacher with audio recording
  • discussion between two people
  • brainstorming with two parties
  • use with  buddies
  • 10 minutes or so were spent using the easispeak microphones – how to record, play back etc

Do you use MS Groove? If so how?

Unpacking the Netbooks – WIWOW

WIWOW was again popular this afternoon, when the topic was “Unpacking the Netbooks”. It is now just over two months, since netbooks were rolled out to students in years 5 to 8. The program is proving to be very popular with students and teachers. However teachers have not been made aware of the programs that have been installed on these netbooks.

For one hour after school, as part of Walk In Walk Out Wednesday, teachers were given the opportunity to ‘play’ with and explore a netbook and it software. Two of our year 7 students were also there, to share, demonstrate and help staff through the unpacking. A very popular and well received session!

Present were Rob G, GP, BG, KO, Bronya, AMH, Jane L and AM plus our two students.


Two staff members came into night for Walk In Walk Out Wednesday

Present: CW, Darren, AM

Topics of interest:-

  • How to find what might already be saved on our school network on the topic of volcanoes and where to find resources online!
  • How to write a blog post!


Wed 18th  July

Present: FH, Judy B, AM

Topics covered: Scootle, clickview

Wed 22nd July

Present:- Judy B, AM

Topics: resizing photos with irfanview in prepararation for email


Staff in attendance: CW, D W, AM at our weekly “Walk In Walk Out Wednesdays”

In the midst of report writing week, the staff who attended had questions on Markbook – our electronic report writing software eg adding comments to the database, changing headings in the database etc

WIWOW May 6th

Walk In Walk Out Wednesdays

Staff attending:- J Ballard, Jo Keith, Anne Mirtschin

Topics of interest:-

  • Using the intranet for student announcements and library bookings
  • Commenced a “Cooking with Class” blog for home economics


WIWOW (Walk In Walk Out Wednesdays) have started again. Here is a record of those who WIWOW

March 11th   FH – adding students to a blog, AM

March 18th FH, GP, CW, AM –

  • Searching through the staf intranet
  • editing wikis to add students to the es1001 tales  site
  • adding a signature to emails in outlook

March 25th

Present:- AM, AC

It was a quiet night tonight, but we got another blogger started and this will add even further value to our school blog.


Walk In Walk Out Wednesday Wed 5th November.

Present:- GP, BG, AMH, JMcCulloch, AM

Topics looked at:-

  • podcasting with audacity, combining a number of mp3 files into one ongoing file.
  • adding pins to google maps and embedding into a wiki

WIWOW- Walk in walk Wednesday

Wednesday October 22nd

Present: GP, AMH, BG, TM, JM, AM

Topics of interest:

  • Using audacity to podcast
  • Learning how to use animoto (quick presentation online tool, combining images and music) for embedding into blogs and wikis
  • setting up and adding depth to nings and wikis
  • adding audio to slideshare

Walk In Walk Out Wednesday

There was active and strong interest amongst the participants tonight, 15th October.

Present: WS, GP, CW, AM and Sharon

Topics of Interest:-

  • blogging
  • online conferences and using elluminate
  • using a digital camera – how to take a photo, plug into computer, download, delete unwanted photos, delete photos from camera.
  • voicethread for podcasting of the Hawkesdale history trail. How to upload photos, add voice, add identities