Rich Picture Case Studies

Below are featured some of the podcasts that grade 6 students developed as part of the rich picture case studies grant from the Victorian Education Dept grant in 2007.  Alternatively follow the podcast links on our opening page to view on podomatic. First, we uploaded them onto podomatic, mostly in mp4 format so that they could be used on iPods and mp4 players, but as they are the equivalent of digital movies, we are in the process of uploading them onto teacher tube. The links to teacher tube are provided below as it has been so difficult to embed them into wordpress.

The first vidcast produced was developed after our initial excursion to Penshurst and Mt Rouse to visit the Volcanoe Discovery Centre. It features the main attractions to be seen

This  vidcast outlines the impact of Mt Rouse on the local surrounding areas.

It is hope that all our podcasts will be uploaded soon.

One response to “Rich Picture Case Studies

  1. How about this for the power of connections on the web 2.0! I have recently joined Twitter, following in Kevin’s footsteps. I follow his blog and noticed your response and his post about your mutual interest in each other’s blogs.
    I am preparing to teach a course at SUNY New Patlz in the New Technologies with Digital Storytelling and Blogging as center pieces.
    I hope it’s okay, but I just linked your blog.
    It’s great and gives me another view into you and your twittering.
    Bonnie Kaplan

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