“The Digital Classroom” for Eduwebinar

COVID19 – was accepted to present on The Magic of Mystery Skype and Top Tools for Global Collaboration


Service Learning in the Global Classroom with Todd Flory, ISTE conference, Philadelphia, USA

Magic of Mystery Skype Poster Session ISTE conference, Philadelpha, USA with Todd Flory and Amy Rosenstein

Best Tools for Global Collaboration with Amy Jambor, Amanda Lanicek

Let’s Talk Global Education  The Global Education Conference


The ImpaCT of Global Classrooms ACCE 2018 conference, Sydney Australia

Service Learning in the Global Classroom (with the emphasis on the #SDGs) with Todd Flory and Amy Rosenstein, ISTE conference, Chicago, USA

The Magic of Mystery Skype; Poster Session with Todd Flory and Amy Rosenstein, ISTE conference, Chicago, USA

“Online resources and apps to enhance engagement in Accounting”, VCTA conference, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Backchannels in the Classroom for Eduwebinar


Connected Classrooms: Global Classrooms June EduTECH conference, Australia

Skype in the Classroom for Internationalising the Curriculum with Skype PD

Digital Literacy Skills Development Eduwebinar presentation

Tools and apps that support the curriculum Eduwebinar presentation

Explore Twitter Tools for Global Collaboration ISTE San Antonio, USA with Leigh Zeitz

The World is Our Classroom poster session ISTE, San Antonio, USA

The Magic of Mystery Skype poster session ISTE, San Antonio, USA

The World is Our Classroom, Tech 2017 Transforming Education Conference for Humanity 2017 in Visakhapatnam, India


Collaborative Learning – The World is My Classroom Edutech Conference, Brisbane

Learning Adventures in the Early Years Connected Classroom Future Schools Conference, Sydney

Skype in the Classroom PD session online for Sheldon College, Brisbane

The Magic of Mystery Skype Reinvent Learning Conference, Brisbane

Leading the Way in Global Classrooms for Global Leadership Week

Where to get started with Global Projects


Look No Walls     DLTV conference

Skype in the Classroom OzELive Online Conference

See some of my presentations:-

ISTE 2014 Skype in the Classroom

Keynote presentation for Reinventing the Classroom: Amazing eClassrooms

Keynote Presentation: The World is My Classoom Global Education Conference 2013, Link to Recording

The Networked Teacher

Learning in Little Big Classrooms

2015 Conference Presentations/Involvement

2014 Conference Presentations/Involvement

2013 Conference Presentations/Involvement

2012 Conference Presentations/Involvement

2011 Conference Presentations/Involvement

Other roles
Other conference involvement

Featured on Media

Courses Studied

2010 Conference Presentations/Involvement

Committee and Focus Group Representations
Teaching Teachers for the Future Focus Group –  a team of educationalists who provided input and feedback to the 22 draft elaborations of the Graduate Teacher Standards

Attended the following

  1. Knowlegebank online session on Thursday July 23rd 2009 in conjunction with Jenny Ashby for Knowledge Bank. View Recording
  2. Elluminate training session with distance education centre on September 4th 2009.


Three of my students and I, will be attending the flatclassrom conference in Qatar. The conference runs from Jan 23rd -Jan 26th.


See details on


Online conferences with Knowledge Bank

  1. iNet series 4 on the topic ‘The Power of Networking’ for a week commencing Monday 23 June
  2. iNet series 5 on the topic of ‘Learning spaces for 3-19 year olds’ Oct and Nov 2008

2 responses to “Presentations

  1. Anne, looking forward to seeing you at Learning 2.011 in Shanghai! Excited to see youre a cohort leader.

    • Hi Jason thanks so much for the comment. I look forward to meeting you too, so please make sure you say ‘hi’ if you are not in any sessions with me. I am really excited about going to Shanghai. My visa came through last week, so I am all set. What is your particular interest?

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