Virtual Ice Breakers – Mystery Sounds

One of the posts on this padlet suggested doing a Mystery Sound game as a virtual ice breaker with remote classes.  As this week is our last week of term 3, just prior to a 2 week spring break, I wanted to do something fun with the students. Mystery sounds sounded good.

Below are the sounds that I chose to play to the students. They will put their guesses in the MS Teams chat. I will share the screen, choosing the share sound option. However, after having chosen the sounds, I realised that  it owuld not work as screen sharing also displayed the name of the sound. Instead, I used a premade youtube clip. (See below). Students enjoyed the activity. It took approximately 40 mins to complete.

The sounds that I chose are below:

Youtube Mystery Sounds

  1. Bubbles
  2. A sweeping broom
  3. Opening a bottle
  4. Wind
  5. Airplane
  6. Fly spray
  7. Electric fan
  8. Open can
  9. Lawn mower
  10. Microwave
  11. Keys
  12. Whistling keys
  13. Vaccum cleaner
  14. Breaking dishes
  15. Cash register
  16. Computer keyboard
  17. Chainsaw
  18. Scratched record
  19. Fire drill sound
  20. Fire truck

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