How I started!

A rich picture case studies grant by the Victorian Dept of Education, allowed us to create podcasts with grade 6 students in 2007. Our students have called themselves technokids. The emphasis was on the use of web 2.0 to empower learning. View our podcasts Since then I have set up a backyard blog and a classroom blog.

See 10 questions to ask my blog

It was a steep learning curve for me and still is. Students and I have had to learn together. Peer mentoring has taken place and excitement has been put back into learning. Authentic audiences, teachable moments and student directed learning are now part of the norm. Digital storytelling is another passion and my user name is murch at teachertube

Social networking has been of prime importance and my membership of Classroom2.0 and now twitter has allowed me to meet other teachers interested in the same skill development. This has enabled me to extend my social network well beyond our classroom walls and my country. One of the highlights was the use of skype to videoconference students in Korea. Gail Casey was teaching English there in 2007, and after 5 days of trialling we started to get some powerful learning happening.

I decided to not only use web 2.0 with grade 6 but to extend it to all my other IT classes. Grade 3/4 had a little webkinz pet called Patch which led us to virtual worlds at webkinz.

Another exciting project has been Ping an online music learning project.

This is a journal documenting my journey. Join me on it.  See my resources wiki – ejourneys. In 2008, I  also had teacher professional leave together with Jess McCulloch to lay the eplanks for a web2.0 school.

Some of the biggest projects that I have been involved in with my classes are the amazing flatclassroom and netgened projects with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis. I was fortunate enough to be lead teacher with the netgened project.

After 12 months, my clustr map is to be reset, so I am just going to grab a copy and paste it here. It was comments and the dots on my clustr map that have motivated and inspired me so much. So thank you if you are one of them.

my clustr map after 12 mthsclustr-map-murcha-expanded

2 responses to “How I started!

  1. I had only lurked and read your blog to date. Today I decided to study your blog. WOW!! Some of my timid teacher students feel threatened when I ask them to use of Discovery Channel or Natgeo. Too big to handle, they feel. Your blog gives digestible bits and pieces to gently take them up the learning curve. I have decided to use your blog as a blue print for my e-Facilitators. I must warn you: this year you will have hundreds of votes from India at Edublog awards.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    I also teach ICT to all 6 classes (K-6) in a small suburban school in suburban Sydney. I became enthusiastic about doing more after attending ISTE in San Diego with my husband who has taught computing in our local High School for 26 years.
    I was inspired to see what others are doing and now want to inspire other teachers at my school to consider class blogs, digital portfolios, etc. I have just joined flatclassrooms ning as I want to learn as much as I can before I begin connecting with a school in Finland and also an indigenous school in the Kimberley.
    As I am at the beginning of blogging etc. I very much appreciate you sharing your journey. I am excited but also a bit daunted about the best path to take.
    Thanks again 🙂

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