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Tech Talk Tuesdays: Tech Talk Tuesdays: Implementing the 1:1 Environment – the challenges, successes & moments of madness!

When: Tuesday 11th September, 2012, 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session: David Simpson will share his experiences in implementing a 1:1 environment in his school. He will outline the process that my school has followed for the whole-scale introduction of 1:1 computing in a large Government secondary school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

This implementation has not been without challenges but has been in place for 6 months and the benefits are becoming clearer with each passing week.

This session would be ideal for anyone that has been down this road or is thinking of heading this way. The areas discussed will move beyond 1:1 in the classroom and also into broader areas of management, security, resourcing (booklists, etc.) and teacher pedagogy.

About our Presenter: David is eLearning Leading Teacher at St Helena Secondary College, Victoria, Australia

Here is the recording of this session.

The day(s) the internet went down!

We are often asked what impact technology and going 1:1 has on  our school. Each teaching staff members has a laptop and students from years 5 to 12 have netbooks. There is a bank of netbooks for grade prep to year 4 to use and borrow.

All teaching staff members use their laptops for:-

  1. Emails:- Most communication from leadership and administration   is through email.
  2. Student reports: Student reports are completed electronically, using Markbook.
  3. Attendance records: The daily student attendance records are marked electronically by form teachers.
  4.  Online research
Others use the more immersive technologies – blogging, wikis, global projects, videoconferencing, virtual classrooms etc.
On Wednesday and Thursday our internet went down – not just for an hour or so but for two days. It was then, it became quite obvious how much we all relied on this access how much part of our teaching and learning lives it had become.

Here are some comments heard:-

  1. ‘internet access is part of our teaching life!” It makes our classrooms come alive and brings reality to what students learn.
  2. “Do we shut the school down.” Guess it is not as serious as the toilets not working, or our water being contaminate but it is nearly…..
  3. Say a prayer, that we get it back on! Remember the good old days when we had computers and thought they were great….. .now they are nothing without the internet.
  4. “Feels just  like when the power has gone off.”
  5. We are isolated and guess that is why we use the internet as we do – for networking, sharing, learning, resources etc.
Impact on teaching and classes
  • The home economics teacher was not able to get her students to look up the cuts of meat online, they had to go back to the ‘boring textbooks’ to look it up.
  • The science teacher had a youtube video lined up to show the students studying geology the recent tsunami in Japan.
  • The PE teacher relies heavily on the internet to help him  plan his lessons.
  • The music teacher had choir rehearsal with a youtube video lined up to provide the words, background music etc
  • The IT classes just did not function!
  • ….and the computer technicians? – They locked the door so we could not constantly badger and annoy them.
What did we do?
  • Butchers paper, pencil cases and paper came out again.
  • Staff looked for people to have a chat to.
  • Some actually read the hard copy of the newspapers.
  • Some decided to clean up their desks
  • Started yard duty early as there were no other distractions!
  •  But most of the time we grizzled and groaned @ and 2.0 everyone who would listen!
The problem was a harware issue that was difficult to detect. Finally we are back online and it is “Back to the Future!”

Techno Parents

Unpacking the netbooks

Two months ago, students from years 5 to 8 received their netbooks. Hawkesdale P12 College has gone 1:1 for these year levels in 2010, after the successful introduction to grade 5 students in 2009. Although an information session was held prior to this event, a further session was offered to parents this evening to unpack the netbook with their student beside them, allowing them to ask further questions and to inform parents of their use in the classroom. The meeting took place in the library and each parent and student had a netbook. Our library has a bank of netbooks for borrowing.
How wonderful it was to see a parent beside their child discovering the content of those mobile devices, working together and sharing conversations. Staff were also in attendance. The session ran for one and a half hours and in that time, parents enquired about the internet access at home, voiced concerns about students potentially losing vital life skills and basic numeracy and literacy skills etc.
In two weeks time, parents will be given the opportunity to come online in elluminate from their homes and share further conversations. When teachers, parents and students work together, the learning will surely be stronger.

Unpacking the Netbooks – WIWOW

WIWOW was again popular this afternoon, when the topic was “Unpacking the Netbooks”. It is now just over two months, since netbooks were rolled out to students in years 5 to 8. The program is proving to be very popular with students and teachers. However teachers have not been made aware of the programs that have been installed on these netbooks.

For one hour after school, as part of Walk In Walk Out Wednesday, teachers were given the opportunity to ‘play’ with and explore a netbook and it software. Two of our year 7 students were also there, to share, demonstrate and help staff through the unpacking. A very popular and well received session!

Present were Rob G, GP, BG, KO, Bronya, AMH, Jane L and AM plus our two students.