Tools for an empowered 21st Century Classroom

This is the topic for a series of workshops to be held at the Wilderness School.    Participants are to fill in the wallwisher  stating what they wish to get out of today’s sessions. Particular interest has been shown in global competencies from this school.

Some suggested steps for empowering the 21st Century Classroom

  1. Develop a Personal Learning Networks – It is essential that teachers should develop a personal learning network. This shculd preferably  include both a group from within their schoo and an extensive one beyond.  Try twitter, plurk, classroom2.0, guidetoinnovation, edNa, learncentral etc
  2. Prepare your students – teach elements of cyber safety, digital citizenship, plaguarism, working with images etc Try lego and portrait making avatars. Build a super hero.
  3. Read some prominent educationalists’ blogs, read some teacher, class and student blogs and get a feel for what is happening in the classroom now. eg  8 Ways Technology is Changing Education
  4. Lurk on twitter and watch the current tweets.
  5. Blogging – commence a personal blog or teacher blog, start a class blog and when confident give each student a blog. (21st century literacies – it’s all in blogging)
  6. Experiment with some collaborative and interactive web2.0 tools  eg wordle, wallwisher, voicethread (free educational version), skype, google applications
  7. Setup an appropriate infrastructure:- stable and sufficient wireless network, appropriate bandwidth, consider 1:1 laptops or netbooks. Make sure the appropriate hardware is accessible eg headsets, microphones, computer access etc.

Some more tools to try –

Some good global projects to get involved in

See more ideas for suggested global projects at Chatting About Global Projects and many sessions on global education at The Global Education Conference 2010

Some ways to use these online tools:-

Here are the online notepads  your sessional groups


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