This week’s eT@lking

As the VITTA annual conference, Engaging Generation Now is on this week, and as I am presenting on Tuesday November 30th, there will be no Tech Talk Tuesday session this week. However, it will be back next week with Jess McCulloch presenting on “iPads in the classroom”.

eT@lking:- Wednesday, December 1st, 8-9pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11)

Topic: A Digital Toolbox for the 21st Century Classroom

  • Presenter: Britt Gow will share and demonstrate some of her favourite online tools that she uses with her science classroom. Britt has expertly incorporated online tools into her classroom using her blog effectively as the communication platform. In this presentation, Britt will speak on her adaptation of the revised Bloom’s taxonomy for the 21st century classroom.
    This includes tools used for
  • Remembering and understanding
  • Applying and analysing
  • Evaluating and creating
    Demonstrations of some of the tools used will be shared as well as samples of tool applications. Participants will also be invited to share the tools that they use, adding to the richness of the session.
    Here is the link to the session

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