Chatting about Global Projects

Participants were asked to share their country/culture

The image above is a screen dump of the ice breaker at the beginning of the session, where participants shared an image of their country or culture. It gives an idea of the global presence for this important topic.

The session took the place of  eT@lking  partnering with the Global Education Conference 2010. It was an open forum where people could chat about global projects – questions, issues and share resources etc.

Here is the link to the recording and the link to the slideshare which has grabbed all the whiteboard contributions.

From the chat of came the following suggestions (You may need to search for some of the sites)

Can you suggest more via a comment on this post? What can you add to this list?


2 responses to “Chatting about Global Projects

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! All of these project are amazing! If I can encourage you to get involved in any global project, it will definitely change your life! It sure has changed mine!
    Carol Anne

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