My online friend, Bonnie Kaplan has commenced a photofriday. I met Bonnie through Kevin’s regular day in a sentence“. As I missed the inaugural Friday, I am determined to share a photo today.
My day in a sentence for this week is:-
It was announced at morning briefing that our principal was leaving for USA, but I reported that I would be there before her, taking my kids with me, as we were using skype to participate in an amazing videoconference for a “show and tell finale” with the New England students we had connected with through blogging.
My photo follows the same theme and shows one of my students holding up a jar of vegemite to show the students of Collaboration Nation, in New England, USA. We are in Australia, but with the help of skype, a web cam, a desktop microphone and an interactive whiteboard, we were able to videoconference with each other. They chanted Hannah along until she tasted the vegemite in front of the camera.

hannah vegemite

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