My small claim to fame!!

Steve Dembo has just written a post on “when does the average person become an expert?” I read this with great interest. When I started blogging, I really had no idea what I was in for nor what I was actually doing!! For months, my biggest audience was on the first day, when I first registered for a wordpress blog. People out there must just wait with nothing else to do but read the any newcomer’s blogs. I did not even write a post that day.

Now, I love using the blog stats, reading any comments that come my way and knowing that people will read work that I have written.  A blog was commenced with no real purpose except for spasmodic journal entries. 
My audience (it is not a large one, but a treasured one) now includes:-

  • staff at my school. All staff at school know that I blog, many read it and comment (and I treasure those comments, often more than those coming globally). They too, are now getting those dots on the clustr maps and the cycle continues. Now, I love using the blog stats, reading any comments that come my way and knowing that people will read work that I have written.
  • my students. I am often intrigued that students will read my work and that of other staff. Some posts are designed especially for them and for lesson topics but many are not. At times, they are required to comment back on post prompts, but I love it if they do it voluntarily.
  • other students. I love it when students from other schools on a national and global level, actively come visiting and commenting egHey,
    That is a really good explanation on what a blog is, If I didn’t know I sure would find out by reading that post!Lisa
  • and finally my husband. Last night I wondered what my husband was doing on the computer and what he was reading so intently. It was my blog!! He was actually looking at it and then commenting verbally after 10 months of my working on it. Maybe one day I will get a written comment from him!!

As a postscript, I remember that lizbdavis somewhere wrote on a Fame I want to live forever, and I have just found it so select this link to follow the discussion on


7 responses to “My small claim to fame!!

  1. Impressive that your husband was caught reading your blog. After three years of blogging, my husband has never read a single post. I don’t anticipate he ever will either.
    (At least my oldest daughter subscribes to it even though it has nothing to do with her field).

  2. Nor has my husband read my blog. Make sure you thank that guy!

  3. Nice post. I’m just a baby blogger. When I write, my intended audience are my teachers and people I present to at workshops. I know I don’t have many people reading my blog yet, but I think it’s very important to make the content compelling enough to follow – so I’ll keep plugging.

    My husband would never read my blog – he’d be bored to death! It’s so cool that your husband takes such an interest in your writing.

  4. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid audience there! It’s funny, I vividly remember when my parents first discovered my blog and a few months later when my sister did. For some reason, I still find it surprising when they mention something that I wrote in conversation, but it’s nice to have them as part of my network.

    I think we can both agree, the quality your visitors is far more important than the quantity!

  5. I was trying to remember where I had read a similar topic by lizbdavis and now have just found it at classroom2.0. So here is the link:-
    @karen and @jackie I too am still really surprised about my husband as he is also always telling me that I spend too much time on the internet. I must admit that he was also mostly interested in the clustr map, zooming in and working out what countries were dotted. We do love travelling.
    @nadine a following will certainly come, especially if you are presenting at workshops. Make sure that you tag your posts to allow the search engines to find them as well. It all takes time and the fact that you are busy commenting on others blogs means that those who are the best contacts will come back, visit your blog and comment so contacts are made and maintained.
    @steve Yes I agree, the quality of the visitors is the most important, and for me that is my students. I have just learned so much more about them by blogging with them and feel that we are now working on a really special basis now. I love seeing comments coming on to their blogs from other global students as this is how we really start to learn and educate.

  6. Wow! I am so impressed with your ICT knowledge and enthusiasm. I am a real newbie to all this and I was thrilled that you found the time to post a comment on my class blog thank you! I agree with what you are saying about comments your students make back to you. We are all very excited about them. Keep up the great work!

  7. andrew Rogers

    Hi Anne it looks like the whole of your school talk to each other via blogs. Any signs that it’s improving student connectedness, retention, results and so forth? What a great way to move your school forward.

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