Collaborating with a nation

Tomorrow morning, my students will connect with their blogging and live blogging pals from another nation – the USA, using videoconferencing via skype. Each student is to bring in something for ‘show and tell’ for the other country. My students responded to my post with some suggestions and here is the result:-

  • i will bring a footy
  • hey mrs mirch
    i think i will bring my australian head band. it is a yellow head band with the australian flag on it. its very australian
  • maybe a footy or a cricket ball.
  • hey mrs. murch
    i could bring in a football
  • Somebody better bring a meat pie!! (from Mr P Bogush, their teacher)
  • i will bring a footy jumper
  • i don’t really kno what i could bring in… mayb a picture of my horse ?
  • i will bring my toy possum tomorrow
  • i will bring my skateboard
  • i think i will bring a teddy kangaroo

So, vegemite, a meat pie with sauce, some pet birds and a banksia flower will also be brought in. If you do not live in Australia or live in Australia, what else would you suggest for us to show. We cannot wait to see what the US kids show us.

We have booked the IWB in the library with a very basic, small webcamera and a desktop mic. So lets hope the internet does not let us down.


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