My new flip video

My new toy arrived, one week after I ordered it. As I could not find a distributor in Australia, I ordered the flip camera from USA over ebay. Many of my twitter friends had recommended the camera and I can see lots of uses and possibilities in my classroom.

Check out my first attempt of use, after it took me 30 mins to open up the tightknit plastic casing!!!

Click on the following link and view my flip video at

9 responses to “My new flip video

  1. Ok I may be getting a bit jealous because it seems like so many of the Aussies now have a Flip Camera. I had a really good laugh about you taking 30 minutes to open up the plastic.

  2. Hello Anne
    I’m looking forward to getting one of these little gadgets myself. They’re fabulous. Please to meet you after following your work for some time. I noticed you were also on the Marco Torres session yesterday. I’m new to Elluminate but found it very easy to use. I blog at — — All the best, Camilla

  3. I just gave it to my son to open! Isn’t it great – I have had one since November and it is the best!

  4. @suewaters Those cameras are just fabulous and you would use it such lot with all the great online work you do. The quality is good but I just kept the file size down to a minimum when I uploaded it. Someone in Australia is selling them now for approx $200 which is nearly the same as I paid on ebay. Someone tweeted me the name of the dealer so if you want more info let me know. Prue from EdNa videoed a day’s conference with SLAV on Monday, featuring the fantastic speaker of Will Richardson and the camera had enough inbuilt memory to cope with the full days videoing.

  5. @camilla I really do like the flip camera and think it has such huge possibilities for my classes. We are hoping to get a grant to buy a half dozen or so for class use. It was good to meet you at the SLAV conference as well.

  6. @hurricanemaine How very fortunate your son is to have had a flip camera for so long. I would love a dealership here in Australia as I am sure I could sell such a lot. Has your son used it for online work or youtube etc?

  7. Hi Anne, I’m about to order a few of these as well. I know that you can get them from Tony Richards from EdtechCrew and itmadesimple fame. I’m going to order them through him . Not sure of the cost as yet but hopefully they will be competitive with ebay.

  8. Hi,
    I like the look of you new flip camera!
    I’m just wondering what brand the camera is?
    I haven’t seen any one with hat camera before.

  9. Hello Anne, could you email me with the details of the flip distributor in Australia? Thankyou. 🙂

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