Some pearls of wisdom from Will Richardson

On Monday May 12th, I attended the SLAV conference “Re-imagining Web2.0 applications and implications” at Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

Will Richardson was the Keynote speaker “A web of connections: Why the Read Write Web changes everything”.  Below are some key points from his inspiring presentation:-

  • Students have so many different ways of connecting and learning outside school
  • The more we block (online websites), the less safe we leave our kids
  • We can be so ‘scared’ that we do not allow them to do anything.
  • Schools need to prepare students to be ‘googled’ and ‘googled well’
  • Social networking is not all bad. It can be extremely positive. Meg Cabot is a good role model for a fine example of use of myspace.
  • Clarence Fisher does not moderate but teaches students what to do in particular contexts.
  • Students need to learn on demand – they will not be trained or retrained once out in the workforce but they will need to do it independently
  • It is important that we teach students how to use and create hypertexted environments.
  • Students need to build connections to links and need to be  ‘findable’ in order to collaborate
  • Connection is the real power – it gives an authentic audience. Students need to connect with people in many different ways.
  • Need to change personal learning practise and prepare them for the future.
  • Teachers are more important than ever before
  • Students need teachers as
  • role models
  • for guidance
  • support
  • wisdom
  • their personal experience

It was also wonderful fthat Jess McCulloch and I met some of our wonderful twitter friends @jomcleay, @johnpearce and @jennylucca. John Pearce is about to launch his new book, so all the best with that,  John. Disappointingly, I missed meeting @bookjewel as none of us really know what the others look like. We tend to put our best photos up (often a few years younger!!) or hide behind avatars!!

@jomcleay, @jessmcculloch, @johnpearce


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