Where to start with web2.0

Below is a slideshare set up from a powerpoint presentation, for a local teachers conference held at Deakin University, in Warrnambool. Our experience has shown that staff need to start with something that could be useful in their own personal lives, experiment with it and use it, and from their they can start to see the potential uses and applications for their classroom use. The presenation below summarizes my suggestions for that all important question, where do we start. (nb that I talked and walked through the slides so they are not all embracing of the content of the actual presentation.)

4 responses to “Where to start with web2.0

  1. Great slideshare! I’m always on the prowl for information like this to share with the teachers in my district. The best part? Where to get started! Thank you for sharing your creation.

  2. Great overview and suggestions. Thanks!


  3. Interesting issue to think about Anne. As we begin another Summer Institute at our site, we wonder, where do we begin, how slowly should we move,how much should we push?
    It was funny this time and I don’t know why but our new fellows seemed to move much faster than ever before. I wonder that will mean for our SI and the future?
    It’s such an important question and issue.
    How many are we leaving way behind?

  4. @bonnie Our experience is to start slowly and get teachers involved in web2.0 tools that they might use personally. As they grow in confidence with these, the educational possibilities for classroom use start to emerge. It took 8 months from when I started
    with web2.0 to getting other staff really involved especially in the field of blogging.

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