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Tech Talk Tuesdays: What is needed to bring education into the 21st Century

When quality is better than quantity

Although it is week 1 of our autumn break here in Australia, Tech Talk Tuesday was still held. This was an interactive session amongst participants as there was no speaker. Although the number of participants was down, those who attended were enthausiastic and contributed solidly to the discussion triggers! So quality is definitely better than quantity. It was wonderful to have Carol Skyring join us. Carol had recently spent time in Victoria working with a number of regions with their new polytech videoconferencing gear. She talked about how it could be used including the value of virtual excursions etc. See her videoconference blog.

Listen to the recording 

Although a number of discussion triggers were set out on whiteboard screens, four of the discussion points were covered:-

  • The positives of our education system
  • Problems with current educational system
  • What does 21st century education look like?
  • Obstacles to bringing education into the 21st century!

Here are the screenshots of the whiteboard prompts.

Positives of Current Education System

Current Problems

What does 21st century education look like

What are the obstacles

From the chat came the following:-

Tips, tricks and treats for the week

  • Carol’s flavors me site
  • From Erin came mapskip (you can pin audio, pics and stories onto a map. I’m hoping to get some of my coachees to use it for Year 9s to record their outdoor adventure
  • Global Nomads Group (from Carol Skyring) – virtual field trips, videoconferencing etc
  • A list of schools who are looking for classes to skype or videoconference with
  • mathletics

Next week there will not be Tech Talk Tuesday, as it is the ACEC2010 conference in Melbourne. April 14th, will see Helen Otway , assistant principal, Manor Lake P-12 Specialist College, as our presenter, talking on the topic of “Going 1:1” and her school’s laptop program.

 Back to the above topic, what are your thoughts on 21st century education? Please add your comments below to allow the conversations to continue.