Sharing a movie file and adding to dropbox folder

As part of Connected Educators month, Hello Little World Skypers group is making a collaborative video on what it means for members to be connected.  Members come from across the world and several from countries where there is low bandwidth and little access to hardware and technology. Here is what we are to do:-

  • create a movie with the HLW skypers group logo in it somewhere. Introduce ourselves and say what being connected means to us. Instructions and the logo have been shared with us all in  a dropbox folder.
  • Save our completed video back in the dropbox for Janet Barnstable to stitch all our videos together.

Hints: keep the video length short – less than 1 minute in total is preferable. Keep file size small for online use and sharing. Videos should not be .avi as these files are huge – rather mpg, mp4, wmv etc.  Here is what to do if you are using Moviemaker on a PC to convert the movies and pull them back in size.

  • Save movie file to computer in an appropriately named folder.
  • Open Moviemaker (I am using  Windows Live Moviemaker) Check list of video type files that Moviemaker will upload. If yours is different file extension,  use a tool like Format Factory, a great free tool for converting music, video and picture files,  and convert it to wmv or mpg or mp4
  • On home tab in Moviemaker>add videos and photos

  • Double click on your movie
  • Check that it plays as expected
  • Goto first tab (one to left of home) and choose Save Movie>for email

  • Right click on completed movie in desktop folder> choose copy
  • Open dropbox folder that has been shared with you (in this case HLW Skypers), right click and paste in there. Rename with your name to make Janet’s life easier.

Notes: If your movie is large or your bandwidth poor it may take a day or two, to fully sync in the folder. It is ready when  green tick appears on the file.
Here is my contribution to the collaborative video.

What have I missed out on? What would you suggest?


3 responses to “Sharing a movie file and adding to dropbox folder

  1. Hi Anne it’s amazing how you take technology you have for granted. When I read this post I thought if I was going to create this video I would use my iPhone or iPad then edit it using iMovie app.

    Then I reflected while this is the easiest option for me, it isn’t going to work for those that only have access to a PC and if some one did use this approach the movie won’t be able to be edited using Movie Maker due to video file format.

    Video file formats continue to be the challenge with creating movies 😦

    • We take so much for granted in our country. It is easy to forget that many do not have access to the technology or access to stable internet connections that we take for granted. When we first mooted the idea of a collaborative video we forgot to take this into account. For me, it took nearly a day for my small movies to be synced into the dropbox, for others it would just be an hour or so. Wish National Broadband would come our way.

  2. Sue, how would this look different if they did have access to a mobile device. If it is an iPhone, do they simply use the camera app, choose video and then take the video footage. Can you choose to share immediately to dropbox from the footage or what steps are missing in there? What about a smart phone? I wonder if anyone could explain what to do with it.

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