The Changing Space of Education – Learning 2.0 conference

The Learning 2.0 conference has now finished, but what a great conference it was with some great online sessions and some fantastic keynote addresses. One of my favourite sessions was a keynote by Lucy Gray – Social Media Tools for Personalized Professional Development. Lucy shared some great tools to use for getting connected, some suggestions of people to connect with and some great blogs to read. Here is the link to the recording of her webinar.

My session was entitled “The Changing Space of Education” and to my delight, one of my mentors and special online colleagues Peggy George, host of Classroom 2.0 LIVE was my moderator. Another of my great online colleagues, Sebastian Penakal from India was a participant. The presentation discussed how learning spaces are changing due to being connected with others. They are becoming:-

  • digital
  • virtual
  • global
  • mobile

and perhaps, importantly, learning has become networked.

with learners having the power to take control and source of their learning. Examples were given from my classroom and experiences. Here is the link to the recording. In order to encourage conversations and help answer any questions, a google doc The Changing Space of Education was set up with resources referred to in my session and an area for questions from those who view the recording or who participated in the webinar.  Alternatively ask any questions as a comment to this post.

Technical issues prevented my presentation being uploaded correctly, so I resorted to app sharing and used a similar presentation that had been uploaded to slideshare. This was disappointing for me as I had added more slides and tailored it specifically for this global presenation. However, here is the link to the presentation or you can see the slideshare at the beginning of this post.

How are your learning spaces changing? What impact is it having on your classroom?

Congratulations to Steve Hargadon on another amazing conference which helps connect us. Thanks to the sponsors of the conference, to the presenters and the moderators.


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