wOrSt jOb!


 Looking back on your life, what was the “worst job” you ever had that ironically helped prepare you to one day become an educator?

Christian started the ball rolling by describing his gig as “Binky the Clown” for a Pizza Hut children’s birthday party. He tagged Damian, among others, and Damian passed the torch to dmcordell, who passed it on to me.

Most memes require that you link back to the person who tags you, address the theme, and tag other bloggers to keep the theme alive.

When I was young and trying to earn some money for university, I worked as a kitchen maid in one of the local hotels. When I applied for casual work I was offered a position as a waitress, but as the kitchen maid was often away sick (and I soon worked out why!), I often worked as her replacement. The many duties included,

  • peeling copious amounts of vegetables for counter meals (catering for a minimum of 100 lunches and teas),
  • making huge pots of soup,
  • washing dishes constantly (no dishwashers then!),
  • mopping the floor constantly,
  • keeping everything cold by running in and out of the freezer room, dishing up the meals,
  • keeping the waitresses on task etc.

Ironically, it helped me with my role as  an educator:-

  • the hours were long and tiring
  • the duties many and varied, but tedious and arduous
  • I had to be a master of all tasks, immediately!
  • punctuality with food preparation and meal completion
  • need for super organization
  • many chores were repetitive
  • a clock alarm ensured I knew when tasks had to be completed and new ones begun
  • stressful most of the time
  • had to suffer criticism in silence
  • little thanks and feedback, except criticism
  • pay was a pittance for the amount of work completed

So, I tag Britt Gow, @rashkath, @loonyhiker, @shaggyhill and @sujokat Now, it is your turn to write a post, acknowledge the person who tagged you and then tag 5 others. Look forward to reading what you write and thanks @dmcordell!!!

7 responses to “wOrSt jOb!

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  3. Thanks for tagging me Anne! I wrote about my worst job ever at: http://brittgow.globalteacher.org.au/
    Al and Heaton and I were just talking about this very thing on camp last week – Al has the funniest story about working in a tobacco factory. It might be a good question for the school magazine?

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  5. Very interesting comparisons between the two jobs Anne and scarily true, especially the feedback and the pay. Britt tagged me and I tagged 3 others, but what is glaringly true for me is that I don’t know many other bloggers outside of our school:(

  6. I remember having a job in a boutique during the holidays when I was younger, whilst studying. The boutique was 2 levels, the top level was infrequently visited by customers, particularly during the week. I remember constantly watching the clock for break times … all I had for company most of the time was the juke box. I started to hate the songs it played, listening to them all day!

    Having this temporary job prepared me to work hard at my studies so that I could have more choices in employment and have an occupation where my mind was stimulated. I think one of the worst things is having a job that you hate doing.

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