Using google forms

Google forms have got even easier to use and embed in a blog. It makes for quick and easy surveys, where results are immediately added to the sheet.


  1. Set up the sheet with appropriate titles and column headings and save. (This is an online spreadsheet)
  2. Click on the tab ‘form’
  3. Select the ‘create form’ link
  4. Enter any introductory remarks under the heading
  5. At the first question title, choose the appropriate style of response required from the drop down menu eg text, multiple choice, paragraph text etc
  6. Proceed to select appropriate answer style for each question
  7. Further questions can be added and it will be added to a column heading in the sheet
  8. Save when completed
  9. Choose recipients
  10. Opt to invite people or embed (in top RH corner)
  11. Click on drop down menu under embed option. Copy the resultant url
  12. Goto your post and paste that url in, and a survey form is embedded.

See sample in my other blog and/or check out Tom Barrett’s blog which has lots of information and hints on how to use google docs in the classroom.


4 responses to “Using google forms

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  2. Anne, terrific … thank you so much for explaining so simply how to create forms which can be used as questionnaires. This perfectly suits what I wanted to do in class with kids preparing a set of questions to send to each other for revision.

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  4. This is great Anne! I have successfully created a form to use for my research that students will find quick and easy and won’t use paper! Thanks for your easy-to-follow instructions and all your help in person!

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