Creating Christmas Calendars with MS Powerpoint

Many homes in Australia have Christmas or Advent calendars in their home. Each day of December,through to Christmas, children open the appropriate door for that date, and find either a chocolate or a Christmas image. Do you have one in your home?

Students in years 4 to 7 are going  to make a digital calendar using MS Powerpoint. It is a simple enough process for all age groups and yet can be customized to suit the young and old. The students will follow these instructions using the image below as a guideline. Each date will open using a chosen custom animation feature of Powerpoint.


  • Goto MS Powerpoint
  • Insert a table> 5 rows by 5 columns, add a clipart( representing Christmas) to each cell.
  • There should be 25 Chrismas pics in total, with a very special Christmas pic in the last one
  • Cover each cell with a shape
  • Add numbers to each cell from 1 to
  • Use custom animation to remove the shapes one at a time.
  • Grab a screen dump, crop in MS Paint, save as a jpg and insert the image into your blog post, with a brief explanation on how you made your colourful calendar.

Below is an example of a calendar that Catie13 is working on
Christmas calendar
Have you done something like this with your students?


3 responses to “Creating Christmas Calendars with MS Powerpoint

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  2. Hope you don’t mind but have ‘Magpied’ your idea and made it ‘Interactive’! Have blogged and given reference to your post-hope that’s ok.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Julian for magpieing the idea. That is the strength of social networking and working with a ‘global brain’. I was chuffed to think that you have taken it to the next stage (one that I have been trying to take for a while without making a screen cast.) I did not realise that you could grab embed code to make powerpoint presentations live, so thanks so much for sharing this next stage in sharing student work.
      However, I am having trouble loading it at school so will try when I get home. Our proxy server and ISP provider block so many things. Initially I thought it was a Google Chrome issue and swapped to IE but got the same message. However, I shall perservere as it would be great to get this all working.

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