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Kim Cofino was to be our presenter for this session but due to the political unrest and the fact that the demonstrators had camped in her street, meant that Kim and her husband have not been allowed home for most of this week. In the morning, I received an email to say that Kim still was not allowed home, and it was most unlikely that she would be able to present. It was decided to continue the session with the same topic, but to make it an unconference session. All publicity was quickly altered in a bid to let everyone know.

The session started with a number of dedicated educationalists, and after the introductions and ice breaker, participants proceeded to unpack the 21st century learner, using the whiteboard. Fortunately, I glance at the participants list regularly to see if new people are coming into the room, and to my utter amazement, I noticed Kim’s name there! I looked three times, but sure enough when greeted, Kim took the mic and acknowledged her presence. The presentation continued with Kim first, telling us about the dramatic events that are evolving in Bangkok. Thanks Kim for putting in this huge effort to be with us and thanks to your host family for enabling you to use their facilities. You are amazing!Comment from Sue 1 “Wow my school day was boring compared to that!!!!”

See Kim’s presentation resources  21st Century Learner wiki and blog

Not so many shared links this time, but some profound comments from the chat and Kim came the following:-

  • the notion of prosumers (a mix of producers and consumers) = a new media generation
  • we need to embrace all these disruptive technologies
  • Letting go of the control – always the first challenge (in relation to teachers)
  • Do students all need the same hardware? Can they have a suite of tools to select from laptop / ipad / iphone etc ..
  • Synthesise new understandings and constructions from different people, ideas, views .. across cultures, time and place.

Videos mentioned

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From Roland Gesthuzien – visual communication


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