A great day in Tasmania

Day two quickly dawned and after a hearty breakfast, we were off to keep our appointment with Cadbury’s chocolate factory. The factory at Claremont is the largest chocolate factory in the world but unfortunately, has now stopped taking tours through its factory area.


However, undeterred, we managed to boost the sales at the factory sales outlet shop substantially and sat through a talk and video regarding the chocolate making process.

  Next stop was the historic town of Richmond which boasts the oldest bridge in Australia – a bridge built by early convict labour. The ducks are still at the bridge park area and the students enjoyed their company. A walk into town allowed us to see the century old buildings and quaint shops that have arisen due to the popularity of this tourist town. After lunch, we arrived slightly early to our next destination of Zoodoo wildlife park, where we were able to see so much Australian wildlife – Tasmanian devils, sugar gliders, wallabies, emus etc This park was so fantastic that it justifies a whole post being devoted to it. This post will be written when time permits.

Discovery tours of Hobart followed and the day was complete with a visit to the movies at night time.

5 responses to “A great day in Tasmania

  1. I was absolutely devastated the other day when Sue Wyatt told me that Cadbury’s no longer did the tours. So it is good to know that you can still visit their shop and learn about chocolate making. Do they still sell the huge boxes of chocolate rejects?

    Hope you are enjoying your visit to Tassie.

  2. @dswaters I was devastated as well, re the closure of factory tours. However, each time we have come with school groups, we have seen less and less of the factory production and as this was one of the few factories that still allowed the general public in, I guess it was only a matter of time.
    But, the visit to Cadburies has always been one of the big drawcards, enticing our students to take part in the school trip. So for us who have been before, the video and talk were poor replacements. As the students knew no different, they still enjoyed the visit with its free samples and factory outlet shop facility.
    I think the tours have only stopped a month ago.

  3. hey, Tasmania is an awesome place isn’t it!
    how did you enjoy Port Aurther?
    Did you go on the the ferry ride or the ghost tour?

    Where else are you planning in going b4 you go home?


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  5. I reckon I saw a ghost in the old Richmond Gaol last time I was in Tassie. Very strange experience in any case………….

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