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The Global Education Conference – a personal involvement

This is the third year of the Global Education Conference – one of the most amazing conferences – all online, free and open to the world to participate in. Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray are the co-founders of the innovative concept.

You must make the time to attend at least one session. You should also join the ning and participate in the chat as there are many educators from many countries – all wanting to converse, meet each other  and learn from and with each other.  Last night I was in the chat with a teacher from USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Australia and many others – amazing! Take a good look through the  schedule for the conference and choose sessions that suit your time or interests or take a punt and just go to any of them. There are still three  days of sessions to enjoy. Follow the hashtag on twitter or other social networking sites #globaled13

Following are some useful links for best use of the conference

I am proud to be able to either present or co-present for the following sessions. Please join me if you can and push global education to the fore

  1. Where do we get started with Global Projects Link to recording
  2. Teaching and Learning Across the Globe with Lorraine Leo Link to recording
  3. Keynote: The World is my Classroom Link to recording
  4. Stories from Hello Little World Skypers (HLW skypers) Link to the recording
  5. World Museum Scratch Projects Friday, November 22, 23:00 GMT Presented by: Prof. José Manuel Sáez López, Prof Yoshiro Miyata, Lorraine Leo Link to the recordin

Following is The World is My Classroom keynote presentation

Other sessions that I have a personal interest or passion for:

  • Work with What You Have Tuesday November 20 at 2:00 GMTPresented by: Louise Morgan Link to recording
  • “Window to the World” – a path for the school of the future Friday, November 22, 13:00 GMT Presented by: Effie Kyrikakis Link to Recording
  • Global Classroom 2013-14 Stories & Project Launch Friday. November 22 at 11:00 GMT Presented by: Michael Graffin Link to Recording Repeat session: Saturday, Nov 23 at 20:00 GMT co-moderated by @warwicklanguage and @mrsmorgansclass Link to session
  • A Glimpse Into The Life of a Connected EFL Teacher Friday, November 22 at 9:00gmt Presented: Tatyana Chernaya Link to recording 
  • The Connected Educator in Progress A Beginner’s JourneyThursday, November 21 at 12:00 GMT Presented by: Maria Colussa Link to recording

Are you presenting? What is your topic? What sessions will you attend? What sessions will you recommend?

Excellence in Professional Practice Conference

Bringing the World In

Bringing the World In

Today, I am proud to be presenting at a national conference – Excellence in Professional Practice for ACER  on the Gold Coast of Australia. This post is primarily for my workshop participants to share conversations, grab the resources from my presentation, ask questions and generally interact.

My topic is: The World is My Classroom. To make it as interactive as possible:

  • A google document for participants to add details, questions, archive resources etc
  • A backchannel using backchannelchat for conversations and to bring outside parties in. (Note that this backchat is only active and open when I am logged in.)
  • Follow the tweetfall using tweetchat

As Australia commences its new national curriculum, my presentation emphasises how technology can be used to engage with Asia beyond textbooks. Another national curriculum push is studying globalization – another passion of mine!

Other tools used included moourl shortener to shorten the urls. It allows the user to choose an extension name and quikr to create qr codes. Here are the resultant qr codes

Follow the twitterfall from the hashtag #aueppc

Link to google doc

Link to google doc

Link to backchannel

Link to backchannel



The World is My Classroom – Presentation for the K12 Online Conference

This post has been written to complement my presentation for the K12 Online Conference. It includes links to resources and stories shared in this video. Following is a summary of the presentation.

Learn how a virtual, global, and culturally-blended classroom is not just a dream, it’s a reality. Listen to stories from classrooms in a small rural P12 school that is isolated culturally and geographically where innovative technology is used to engage students allowing them to connect, communicate and collaborate with students/classrooms across the globe.  This is a big classroom where:-

  • blended classrooms may be  global in nature
  • learning is 24/7/365
  • experts and  students of all ages learn together – learning is vertical and horizontal
  • learning goes beyond physical walls
  • learning is NOW!
  • global projects are regularly in evidence
  • learning can be ‘messy’ but the outcomes amazing!
  • Listen to classroom stories, learn of favourite online tools to use and ways to use them. Explore different ways to get connected to others, join projects and how to have your students take initiative

Tools used to connect and communicate

Where to find connections

Online webinars/conferences

Tools used for connecting and communicating

Our collaborative projects and other connections

Our Community Connections

Classroom Stories