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Tech Talk Tuesdays: Playing in the Sandpit

When: Tuesday, May 21st 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your day and timezone.

About this session: This is an ‘unconference’ style webinar where participants are encouraged to bring along some of the latest tools or apps that they are using or ‘playing’ with. Those who join us will have the chance to play with the tools, share what they have learnt and discuss how it could be used in the classroom or learning. Alternatively, come along with questions about some tools that you would like to use.To kickstart the session, I will share  fotor, a great online image editing tool and some of my favourite apps for twitter use.

Please join us by clicking on this link.  If you cannot join us, what tools or apps are you trialling or playing with? Please leave a comment below.


eT@lking: A Digital Toolbox for Collective Learning

When: Wednesday, May 8th 8-9pm Melbourne Australia time. See timeanddate for your timezone.

About this session: “Our current generation of students have digital tools at their fingertips and amazing opportunities to connect with others across the globe. During this webinar we will demonstrate some of the tools that can be used to engage and encourage students to express their learning with images, quizzes, cartoons, word clouds and concept maps.

Britt Gow, (http://twitter.com/brittgow) an innovative science and maths teacher from a small, rural school in SW Victoria, shares the ways in which she has used digital tools to connect her students with experts in Australia and beyond. Come along and share the ways that you use to motivate and challenge students to extend their learning with digital tools.”

All are welcome. Please join us and join in the conversations. Click on this link to listen to the recording of this session.