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Virtual Ice Breakers – Mystery Sounds

One of the posts on this padlet suggested doing a Mystery Sound game as a virtual ice breaker with remote classes.  As this week is our last week of term 3, just prior to a 2 week spring break, I wanted to do something fun with the students. Mystery sounds sounded good.

Below are the sounds that I chose to play to the students. They will put their guesses in the MS Teams chat. I will share the screen, choosing the share sound option. However, after having chosen the sounds, I realised that  it owuld not work as screen sharing also displayed the name of the sound. Instead, I used a premade youtube clip. (See below). Students enjoyed the activity. It took approximately 40 mins to complete.

The sounds that I chose are below:

Youtube Mystery Sounds

  1. Bubbles
  2. A sweeping broom
  3. Opening a bottle
  4. Wind
  5. Airplane
  6. Fly spray
  7. Electric fan
  8. Open can
  9. Lawn mower
  10. Microwave
  11. Keys
  12. Whistling keys
  13. Vaccum cleaner
  14. Breaking dishes
  15. Cash register
  16. Computer keyboard
  17. Chainsaw
  18. Scratched record
  19. Fire drill sound
  20. Fire truck

Icebreakers used this week for Remote Learning

It is always good to make the students feel comfortable before they begin formal classwork with virtual icebreakers. I find this important even for my senior students. Here are some quick easy starts to the lessons that I tried this week:-

  • Playedmusic as students enter the virtual classroom Some ideas suggested by my Business Management PLN include
    https://youtu.be/XRDlVjOZHb8 Shannon Noll Shine and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxuThNgl3YA Bruce Springsteen Born to Run (suggested as being COVID applicable!) or give students the chance to suggest which songs could be played. We use MS Teams and it works well in there. Make sure that you when you share your screen you check the box to include system audio
  • Using the chat, get the students to tell you how they are feeling in an emoji, or what is the weather like where you are in an emoji.
    weather in an emoji
  • In the chat, upload an image showing the colour of the top that you are wearing (do not use text)
    what colour top are you wearing

Interactive activities, this week included:-

Show n Tell with year 7

Zara showed us the chickens that she hatched, shared their names and discussed how she looked after them. She also showed us the masks that she has been sewing.

Would You Rather with years 8-10?

We played the game of Would You Rather……? I shared some questions eg Would you rather swim in a pool of nutella or a pool of honey. Students replied in the chat, Then selected students would use audio to tell us why they chose their option.

They then had to think of three Would You Rather? questions, add them to a MS Form and embed the result as a post on their blogs. See my instructions.

I shall add links on my blog to each of their posts for all students in the class to answer. They will then look at the results and graphs that Forms shows in responses. This activity was highly engaging to the students and they were all keen to make their surveys in MS Forms.