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Tech Talk Tuesdays & eT@lking: This week’s webinars

Tech Talk Tuesdays: The Student Voice

When: Tuesday 16th August, 4 to 5pm, Melbourne Australian time (gmt+10)

About the session: Scott Duncan (@sduncan0101) will discuss  the necessity to listen to students, value their opinions and include them in school decision making processes. Scott recently presented a similar session for the Innovations Showcase. If time permits, he will share innovative uses of technology in his classroom and school.

About our presenter: Scott, a teacher at Cranbourne East Primary School, is

an innovative user of technology, a Victorian Victorian Institute of SRC Teacher Advisors Teacher Advisor and VISTA President. (SRC stands for Student Representative Council.)

Here is the link to the recording

eT@Lking: Googlesites

When: Wednesday 17th August, 8-9pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session: Googlesites  with  Christine Dix and Carole McCulloch

See Australia series for more details.


The Student Voice reflects – the netgened project

The final stage of  the Netgened Project 2011 is the Student Summit. From Student C comes the following reflection written for this summit:-

I loved the whole project but the best thing about it this year was that we connected more closely with students from all over the world.

It is called a global project for a reason and I think we have definitely achieved that through our willingness to succeed and genuine interest in how others in countries thousands of kilometres away learn.

I was so excited when someone had fulfilled my  outsourced video request, simply because I had the opportunity to see other people’s thoughts and interpretations on the topic.

One of the hardest things for this project was the deadline for the videos.

I also liked how this project enables us, as imaginative students, to collaborate all our ideas together and at the same time showcasing our own through the movies. I will certainly be doing it again next year.

Each year towards the end of the netgened project – a Flat Classroom Project, classroom life gets frantic, the pressure is on to complete the projects and I wonder if it is worth all the anxiety, work, online meetings outside school hours, the steep learning curve for me and my students etc. School holidays and extra curricula commitments also play a role in preventing the smooth and timely completion of the project.  It also means that the final videos are not completed to a very high a standard, but the students do finish them!

Finally, we participate in a student summit in elluminate (blackboard collaborate), where students record their reflections, discuss the value of being involved in the project and share what they have learned. This can often be the biggest trigger to push them outside their comfort zone. Students prepare a short speech and create a picture collage that summarizes their involvement. An online room was duly booked and  publicity rolled out to others to join us.

Anxiety continued to rear its head as the technology in our room caused all sorts of problems with audio (despite much of it being tested the day before). Whilst the issues were being resolved, there was still a buzz in the room with students quietly rehearsing their speeches and editing them. Others were helping set up the room, adding the collage pics etc. Finally we were organised and a quick tweet brought in two interested teachers – taniatorikova and the DivineMissCasey Thank you to you both. It is great to have a ‘visible’ audience.

 The actual summit

This is where the amazement never ceases. Students are given a voice – a chance to reflect honestly! They openly talk about their love of being involved in such projects and the reasons why. This is what makes it all worthwhile. Following  is another great reflection.

Hey my name is T….. I am 16 years old. I have had the once in a life time opportunity to be a part of this global project around the world. It has been a fantastic experience, which I will forever treasure. To be able to be in contact with many schools around the world was my favourite part of this project, that not many of us would ever think of doing is so great to know.

Thanks Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay  for introducing and maintaining the fabulous Flat Classroom Projects. I love this reflection An International Journey by Julie Lindsay on how these project started and her ambitions and goals.