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Tech Talk Tuesday: The Humble Browser – Used by All, Abused by Many.

At a recent webinar, Chris Smith posed the question: “What is the most used tool by teachers, educators, students and others?” A number of answers were given but Chris reminded us that it is the browser!

When: Tuesday, June 18th 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your time and time zone

Where: click on this link to join this free webinar

About this webinar:  This session will involve a tour around different browsers on both desktops and mobile devices.  Chris Smith[@Shamblesguru] will initially share some experiences but then hopes to  turn into a facilitator with you sharing your own browser preferences, tips and tricks. Chris has  a section about browsers on Shambles (of course). You’ll be happy to know there is no compulsory pre-session homework.  [it is NOT a “flipped webinar”]!!

About our presenter:  Chris Smith  is a digital nomad evangelist, currently residing in Thailand and has been working mainly with International School teachers in S.E. Asia for more than 25 years.In 2002 he established a consultancy “The Education Project Asia” to extend support opportunities to other International Schools across 17 countries in S.E. Asia focused on the “Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning”. He is based in Thailand, and all over the internet. In 2007 he established International Schools Island in Second Life (3D online virtual world) where his avatar is “Shamblesguru Voom”.

Please join us and share in the conversations and enjoy a lively, fun session with Chris and learn about the ‘most used tool”.

What would you like to know about browsers? What could you share about browsers?


eT@lking Webinar – A Fireside Chat around Shamblesguru’s iPad

When: Wednesday, November 21st at 8pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11) Check your time and day with timeanddate

About this session: There are over 1,300 Apps in Shamblesguru’s iPad … … so much to share, so little time. Chris Smith (alias shamblesguru), of Thailand,  will go in whichever direction the interests of attendees determine. Initially, Chris will start the ball rolling with two focuses:

  1. VPN [Virtual Private Networks] on the iPad … sounds technical but it is not. VPNs fool the world by making it look like your iPad is on the internet in another country … which means your data is safer and many school or country filters disappear so content is no longer blocked.  He’ll show you how he has set up a  VPN  … of course there may also be moral and legal aspects to this discussion which we hopefully will get into.
  2. On the first screen of Chris’ iPad he has a folder called “ToolBox” which contains his most used Apps out of the 1,300 … we will dip into that.… and where we go then … well, that will be up to you.

Come along, join in the conversations and let’s learn together.

Here is the link to the recording of this session

Immersive Education and Virtual Worlds – eT@lking in Review

What an intriguing and interesting session this was. Jane Talyor shared her experiences at the Immersive Education Conference in Boston in June 2012. She shared cutting edge use of technology, augmented reality and virtual worlds and more and its potential in education. Jane and Mic Lowne, who moderated this session teach at  Wooranna Park PS with amazing learning spaces. Below are some of the links shared.

Here is a link to the recording.  Shamblesguru, one of the participants from Chiang Mai, Thailand shared many useful links as well.

From Jane Taylor

Youtube videos

From Shamblesguru

  1. Apps for android devices
  2. Chirp sings information to another iDevice
  3. Virtual Student Fair
  4. Augmented Reality App – one there will teach nutrition
  5. Teach Digital and the The 10 Cube Challenge: Using Virtual Worlds To Foster Creative Thinking
  6. EcoMuve by Havard
  7. Wonderland
  8. Link to Sim on a Stick – Virtual Worlds on a USB stick
  9. Free Augmented Reality App 3D Spacecraft from NASA
  10. Scoopit Teacher CPD Online

From the chat

  • Simon shared Cloud Party Time (requires Facebook login)
  • Learn Scratch Resources

Putting the magic into skype videoconferencing – sound and sight (but no smells)!

On Tuesday last week, I received a request from @shamblesguru (alias Chris Smith) to linkup with skype for one of his professional development sessions, at a school in Singapore, on the use of skype for learning. Fortunately it was after school hours and I was able to oblige (it is approaching VCE exams and I am not so adaptable with classes at this time of year).

Rather than simply talk to the teachers, I decided to demonstrate the best features of skype for learning. To ensure best quality conferencing, I cabled in my laptop to the school network and answered the call with video. 10 mins before the session began, Chris and I tested our sound, video quality etc.  Chris set up a todaysmeet as a back channel.

Features of skype used

  1. Audio and chat – Chat was periodically used to ensure full understanding of my accent. Todaysmeet backchannel was also used.
  2. The video – the webcam was used to demonstrate some of my favourite hardware eg flip video, easispeak microphone
  3. Screen sharing for sharing a MS Powerpoint presentation  of the school, students and some of our global connections.
  4. A virtual tour of the school – my laptop was uncabled and I walked the Singapore teachers through parts of our school and the outdoor surrounds. They were shown the Chinese Teahouse (as we teach Chinese mandarin), outdoor totem polls painted by students, our beautiful big gum tree (our school logo), the school canteen etc. Leanne our canteen operator had just baked tasty looking sausage rolls. Pity the smell did not waft through to Singapore!

The virtual tour worked really well and received positive feedback. I personally feel that is one of the most ‘magical’ uses of skype or videoconferencing for learning. Below is some feedback given:-

Following is some of the feedback via Todaysmeet backchannel:-

  • It is interesting how technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning!ifah
  • what a great way to meet an expert from half-way around the world.
  • Skype put to good use-educationally and feeding the young minds to a world of knowledgeangelia
  • Your school looks very beautiful! I like it!!Li Lin

What features of skype do you  like to use? How do you use the web camera? View a video of the session compiled by Chris Smith. Thanks Chris for sharing.

Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s webinars

Tech Talk Tuesdays:- Google Sketchup
When: Tuesday, October 25th, 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)google sketchup logo

About this sesion: Join us for another great session with Marc Grossman from the UK. This time Marc will walk us through some of the wonderful features and applications of google sketchup that allow for creativity and design in the classroom.

His last session on Scratch was a great ‘hit’! So don’t miss this session. Marc added files for Scractch here from our last session.

About Marc: Marc is a teaching assistant at two primary schools in London. After working in the IT industry for almost 20 years he moved into supporting children with their learning, He loves helping children with their numeracy, literacy and ICT. He also spends part of of his time supporting teachers too showing them new aspects of ICT such as Scratch and SketchUp.

Here is the link to the recording

eT@lking: Sharing Digital Media (part 2)
When:– Wed, Oct 26th from 8 to 9 pm Melbourne, Australia (gmt+11 during daylight saving.

About this session:  Following on from the success of Chris Smith’s first session for eT@lking several weeks ago, we continue on with part 2 of Sharing Digital Media using Social Networks and if time permits torrenting.

About the presenter:  Chris (@shamblesgu) is well known internationally on the presenter circuit, especially in Asia. His website alone attracts more than 10,000 hits per day. Chris describes himself as a Digital Nomad Evangelist and TEDxBKK presenter. See his presentation

Please join us! Here is the link to the recording

This Week’s Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking

Tech Talk Tuesdays: What have you been up 2.0?

When: Tuesday 20th September, 2011 from 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session: The popular theme from last week will be continued. This session is an unconference Tech Talk Tuesdays, where participants can share what they have been up to in learning and teaching. Bring along your favourite technology tools, ideas, resources, problems, issues and open them up for discussion.

Here is the link to the recording

eT@Lking: Sharing Digital Media

When: Wed 21st September, 8-9pm Australia (gmt+10)

About this session:- Shamblesguru (akia Chris Smith) from Thailand will be our guest presenter. Chris will talk about sharing digital media between devices.

This session is designed for those who want to …

  • share and sync files across multiple computers (inc. mobile and iDevices)
  • share files on social networks for others to benefit from and contribute to
  • simply backup and sync to a hard-drive
  • know more about cloud computing
  • sleep more soundly at night knowing that their data is safer.

The session is designed for both techy and non-techy educators who are primarily looking for low time-demanding and free or low cost solutions.  The knowledge and skills covered are not only chosen to support teacher productivity but also to support work with students.

At the end of the session you’ll be given access to presentation resources to make it easier to share this topic with your colleagues in school (if appropriate).

 If there was a survival toolbox for the 21st century teacher, librarian, manager or support staff then this session would be one of the top five tools in that box …. I have no doubt about this. (says Chris)

About our presenter:– Chris’ is well known internationally on the presenter circuit, especially in Asia. His website alone attracts more than 10,000 hits per day. Chris describes himself as a Digital Nomad Evangelist and TEDxBKK presenter.

Please join us. Here is the link to the recording

Working with Shamblesguru

Several weeks ago, on twitter, I saw a request from Shamblesguru to connect via videoconferencing via skype. Thinking it was right now, that he wanted to connect, I volunteered via a tweet. However, I soon got a direct message asking for more information about me and the skype linkup was to take place in a month’s time with a staff PD that he was organising. He wanted a primary school teacher who had used online technology in their classes. Although I am a secondary teacher,  I  have taught primary classes and so planning for the 30 minute video conferencing event took place. It was great to work with Chris Smith and see his professional approach to Professional Development for staff and learn from it.

Procedures prior to linkup:-

  • tested skype videoconferencing and screen sharing applications, whilst Chris (Shamblesguru) was in Thailand.
  • discussed the procedures and expectations.
  • Chris had set up a voicethread and asked teachers from the school in Singapore to add audio or text messages as to their technological learning requirements.
  • Chris set up a titan pad online page, shared the url. This set out the procedures for the day and I knew in advance what was expected of me.

During the session

  • linked up using skype
  • spoke and answered audio questions
  • shared my screen and spoke to a brief powerpoint presentation
  • the 60 teachers had been divided into groups of 4 or 5, with a designated leader for each group. The leader for each group added content to the main page with any questions directed at me. 
  • I watched the chat in the titan pad and answered questions that appeared there.

Thanks Chris, for letting me work with you.

Link to the video on my skype linkup with Singapore