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A Fun Easter Hat Parade


The Theme: An Easter Hat Parade

The Models: Grade 5 students from near Boneo, Rosebud, Victoria.These students shared their wonderful Easter Hat creations in a virtual parade.

The audience: Year 7 students from Hawkesdale P12 College, a visiting teacher who is interested in seeing how the virtual classroom works

The tool used: Blackboard Collaborate (BbC)- virtual classroom software provided by our Department of Education for use by Victorian teachers

The outcome – an engaging and fascinating linkup between students of different age groups all learning from each other using the video conference through BbC.

Other Activities: Further activities included all students drawing decorated Easter eggs on the whiteboard, sharing what they were doing over the autumn holidays (this started to show the difference in nature of our geographical locations) and then a discussion with our visiting teacher, who teaches Japanese, as to any pre-existing knowledge about Japan.

Result of 30 students sharing a whiteboard to draw Easter Eggs

Result of 30 students sharing a whiteboard to draw Easter Eggs

What Worked Well

  • taking the plunge with a teacher who is a close colleague (Sally Walsh and I are both web conference coaches) and as such we have complete faith and confidence in each other.
  • an engaging activity – the Easter Hats. All students like to see parades!
  • the nature of the activity – it was a theme on Easter, a popular celebration and displayed lots of creativity. Our school does not do the Easter Hat parades but maybe this will inspire us to do so next year.
  • the chat – students could interact with each other in the chat, ask questions and give feedback on some of the wonderful creations.

The challenges:

  • testing that audio and video works immediately. When classes are involved, it takes time to ensure everyone can logon.
  • Switching off the audio when a class is watching. The loudest noise activates the web camera and projects that classroom.
  • Learning new communication techniques including clear, deliberate, diction, appropriate use of the web camera.
  • Having a visiting teacher in our room

Have you been involved in virtual parades with other schools? How did it go? Would you recommend these types of activities to others?

This week’s Tech Talk Tuesday and eTalking Webinars

Tech Talk tuesdays: Engaging students with technology

When: Tuesday, June 14th 4 to 5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Link to join the session

About the Session: This session will focus on engaging students through technology, with a particular emphasis on the creative arts. We will be looking at recording, video, audio, claymation, animation, games etc. Something to unleash the creative spirit in the most reluctant learner!

About the Presenter: Sally Walsh  is a web conference coach for 2011 with the Virtual Conference Centre, DEECD and an innovative classroom teacher.

Here is the link to the recording

eT@lking: QR Codes in Education

When: Wednesday June 15th, 8 to 9pm Melbourne, Australia (gmt+100)

About the session:- 

This session will focus on the ever emerging technology QR (Quick Response) codes. As a recent edition in the Horizon Report they have grown to become a powerful addition in any classroom. These simple 21st century barcodes have

changed the way in which we connect to the internet. QR Codes are basically a modern version of the barcode, however by the very fact that they can be read from all directions they can contain much more information. The session will explore various educational examples from a wide variety of subject areas. Participants will have a hands on look at scanning and create their very own QR Codes. Leave with practical skills to utilise them in your practice.

About the presenter:- Jarrod Robinson – the PE Geek. Jarrod’s innovative work with primarily mobile technology has helped acknowledge his blog as the first runner up in the Teacher Blog section of the2010 Edublogs Awards. Jarrod Robinson is a Physical Education teacher from country Victoria, Australia. As he is also Information Technology trained he delights in aiming to engage students in classes using web 2.0 tools.

Here is the link to the recording