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Online Learning when Schools are closed with CoVid-19

Some schools are now closing in Australia due to CoVid-19. In Victoria, schools go on their autumn break in 2.5 weeks time and I am taking a week’s long service leave at the end of these holidays to do a tour of Germany with my husband and some of his cousins. They go back to some of the places that their ancestors came from. At this stage we are still going but as the next weeks are unknown, I am preparing for teaching online should I be quarantined on my return or should schools in Australia be generally closed.

In preparation for this, I am collecting as many online resources, blog posts and other information as I can. Many of our teaching colleagues in China and other International Schools have already shared their experiences from the last few months. It is pleasing to note that some tools and apps are waiving their costs to help out those who need to use them.

As I am a teacher in the state of Victoria, I will be constantly monitoring this DET site  for updates on the corona virus. The following resources not only cover tools and apps to use but also how to implement virtual classrooms as successfully as possible, emotional needs, parent involvement etc.

Here is what I have so far (others will be added as I find them):-

  1. From the Edublogger Resources for Teaching Online due to School Closures This great post is written by Kathleen Morris. She always shares great things
  2. Lucy Gray – a pioneer in Global Education – has put together this great google document of resources
  3. ATLIS Clearinghouse: Coronavirus Resources for Technology Leaders Scroll through and note the many resources and links shared.
  4. Laurie Guyon has put together resources on a Wakelet
  5. Robbie Barber has put this wakelet together to help students separate facts & fiction on COVID-19. Social media posts and updates are not always correct and many rumours spread without substance.
  6. There are Facebook groups to join. I like these groups as I can ask questions, learn from others, share my knowledge and interact. You can search for tags within the group, so that the same questions are not repeated.
  7. COVID-19 Resources for Education and Libraries  by Lesley Farmer
  8. Well being and self care resources for home learning  Wesley Fryer
  9. Great presentation on Teaching Remotely and in times of need  by Torrey Trust
  10. Companies that are offering free access to their tools, apps etc
  11. Amazing Education Resources
  12. Follow this hashtag on twitter #RemoteLearning #covid19edu #distancelearning #remoteteaching
  13. Monitoring learning in an Online Environment Sway by Peter Sercombe – particularly for those using MS products

The next post will share what I will use and the criteria I need to address.

(More resources will be added here when I find them.)