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The final day of #flatclass2013 in Yokohama Japan – How Can We Help?

The final day saw a later start and altered timetable for the Flat Classroom Conference 2013 in Yokohama, Japan. Our most active virtual participants gathered in the backchannel chat and shared conversations. Live streaming was not as active as the day before and as the final presentation was being finalized there was little that the virtuals could contribute asynchronously.

A google hangout was setup in Japan later in the morning and this was very successful for those virtuals who were able to log in. I was able to enter twice, but was almost immediately ejected from the hangout due to poor bandwidth. A maximum of 10 video linkups are allowed. This meant that the hangout was full most of the time and others could only join in, once one of the successful 10 departed.

The closing ceremony featured:

  • video clips of experiences at the conference (this was great for virtuals like me to watch as it gave some sense of space, emotions, experiences, what the conference physically looked like, how it felt to be there physically etc)
  • the virtual participants’ collaborative video, compiled by Violet Lindsay using animoto, then uploaded to youtube. See the clip above in this post.
  • the video clips created by student teams (these were amazing and show that the future is in great hands).

Interested parties could view this in either uStream or Live Stream (the Yokohama International School) channel.  For me, on poor bandwidth, the Live Stream was stable and it was with some emotion that I  viewed the video put together by the virtuals up on the big screen in Japan. Just so exciting to see it up there. The student outcomes were amazing.

It was always great to have Julie Lindsay pop into the backchannel to keep us up to date and we always looked for tweets to help us ‘see’ the conference. Thanks to everyone who put an amazing effort into what is an amazing conference. Particular thanks to Julie Lindsay, the co-ordinator of the Flat Classroom Conference and Kim Cofino, whose school it was held at. Thanks to Jason Graham, who co-ordinated the Virtual Participants,  for all his support, enthusiasm and great ideas.

Reflections as a Virtual Co-odinator will follow in a post to be written soon.  Did you follow the conference at all?


eT@lking: What the #####? The all important hashtag and Twitter!

When: Wednesday, 12th September, 2012, 8-9pm

About this session: This will be a presentation and exploration of how to set up, manage and promote and get involved in an online community using twitter #hashtags. This presentation, by Jason Graham, will share experiences of how to create or join an online community using Twitter.

About our presenter: Jason Graham, a Canadian, who calls Melbourne home, currently working in Indonesia. Jason is the Learning Technologies Coordinator and Grade 1 teacher at Bandung International School, PYP Workshop Leader. He classifies himself as a “Disruptivist since 1971”. You can read posts on Jason’s blog.

Please join us and share in the conversations or should that be #tags! Here is a link to the recording. Thanks to Jess McCulloch for organising this session.

What questions would you have? What are your favourite hashtags? Why do you use them? When do you use them?