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eT@lking Webinar – A Fireside Chat around Shamblesguru’s iPad

When: Wednesday, November 21st at 8pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11) Check your time and day with timeanddate

About this session: There are over 1,300 Apps in Shamblesguru’s iPad … … so much to share, so little time. Chris Smith (alias shamblesguru), of Thailand,  will go in whichever direction the interests of attendees determine. Initially, Chris will start the ball rolling with two focuses:

  1. VPN [Virtual Private Networks] on the iPad … sounds technical but it is not. VPNs fool the world by making it look like your iPad is on the internet in another country … which means your data is safer and many school or country filters disappear so content is no longer blocked.  He’ll show you how he has set up a  VPN  … of course there may also be moral and legal aspects to this discussion which we hopefully will get into.
  2. On the first screen of Chris’ iPad he has a folder called “ToolBox” which contains his most used Apps out of the 1,300 … we will dip into that.… and where we go then … well, that will be up to you.

Come along, join in the conversations and let’s learn together.

Here is the link to the recording of this session


Which m-device for which age group? The iPad/iPod vs the Laptop

Is there any evidence that you know of that shows that an ipad, or ipod, or laptop have a bigger educational impact at different age groups.

This year I was given the challenge of teaching grade prep/one ICT. As a secondary teacher of ICT, I usually teach the senior levels of the school. Teaching prep completed my teaching load, this year, as year 11 numbers are small. I was and still am rather nervous about this but here are my experiences so far.  However, I strongly believe that in our technological age, students need to be able to use their voice, multi-media, animation as well as straight text for communication.

Computer access

  • Class set of 10 iPads across the school
  • Computer lab room access with 20 xPC desktops
  • Primary school set of 20 netbooks

My findings

  • I did not have to teach the preps how to use a mouse or a keyboard. They all came with that knowledge
  • They cannot spell well enough to find images through clip art except eg cat etc
  • Their writing skills are not developed well enough to use MS Word or word processors for any length of time.
  • They can use an iPad readily – swipe, slide, pinch in and out etc without much instruction
  • They cannot cope well with the touch keypad on a netbook
  • Students of all ages like the gesture based nature of iPads, the high definition graphics etc
  • the older students (from years 10 – 12) will often  use their phones to capture images of work, save resources etc.


  • The iPads are very much a personal device. How can we use them effectively as class sets.
  • I only have them for one lesson per week  (take out all the extra curricula events that occur)
  • I do not want to use skill and drill apps on the iPad but the creativity apps. I need to wait until our librarian has time to add some of these apps eg iTalk, puppet pals, Art Maker, Drawing Star, Doodle Buddy, Toontastic, music creation apps etc. I need splitters  for pairs to share. They can quickly and easily create multi-media outcomes but how to best share!
  • While this is being done, we are learning kahootz, MS Paint, adding simple images and text to MS Word documents.
  • The first thing students want to do is share ie print their work and take it home. We do that easily from the desktops but am still working out the best way from iPads. Dropbox is being installed now, we are trying to work out the emailing option etc!  Cost of apps is another factor.

Overall conclusions (from my point of view)

I like having access to both resources, but it is time consuming to learn how to use both systems best. The technical requirements eg software updates, sharing the work etc is still being worked upon with the iPad devices. Students in our school from years 5 to 12 have their own netbook. The computers/netbooks are successfully used with my grade 4/5 class. When given the choice of an iPad or iPod to use, the majority chose the iPod!

Our Victorian Education Dept has provided us with edustar image that has many wonderful tools for recording, video, screencasting, podcasting etc for a PC Laptop.  Given a computer device, students will use them innovatively and creatively if given and taught how to use the tools. They can make learning more efficient, effective and when used collaboratively, potentially more powerful.

And…  the senior students… they will increasingly use their phones!

eT@lking: iPads in eLearning

When: Tonight, Wednesday 13th April, at 8 to 9pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)
Topic: iPads in eLearning – one school’s experience
About the session:– Tonight’s eT@lking will be on the topical iPad and its place in eLearning. Kevin Dawson UYHC, will talk about the experiences of Upper Yarra Community College in using iPads and Flip Cameras. Please join us.
Click on this link to join the session in elluminate. This is a free educational webinar.
Please not that there will be no eT@lking or Tech Talk Tuesday next week as we are all on Easter break.

iPads in learning: a Sharing Session


This week’s Tech Talk Tuesday had some great participants – they came primarily from Australia and the USA, with China represented as well. A big thank you to Britt Gow and Jess McCulloch for keeping the show going when my internet access disappeared. Thanks everyone for a wonderful sharing session! Isnt it fantastic when educationalists from USA and Australia can share like that! Here is the link to the recording. From the whiteboard discussion came the following presentation.

Here are some of the suggested apps:-

  1. Apps from Shawn: – drop box, words with friends, boggle, The Elements, NASA, Super 7, Coach Pad, Good Reader, Keynote, Course notes, Pages, Gengo Indo, Please Touch, ABC, Fractions Basic, Dice, Brushes, Bloom, Louvre, Doodle Buddy
  2. From @Megsamanda: Mapping Tools: Word Cloud, iBrainstorm, iThoughts HD, SimpleMindX, Ideas Sketch, Think Tree Life, Creative: Comic Touch Lite, Strip Designer, Puppet Anime Lite,

From the Chat came the following:-

  • if ipads take the place of textbooks it is much cheaper than books!
  • it’s amazing how very young kids intuitively know how to use it and it’s amazing how very young kids intuitively know how to use it
  • Robert Boltz  – join  our ipad 2educate wiki and diigo group
  • they really stressed that point in the ISTE webinar that ipads are best managed if they aren’t shared
  • that’s really no different than it was before technology–kids put things away that are distracting to them during lessons
  • jjash: no games on home screen have to be on last screen
  • apps include good reader, keynote, pages, course notes, gengo inbox, kamus- indonesian, please touch
  • Robert Boltz: Are you aware you can sync multiple accounts to an iPad.  So staff/students can sync their personal account and a school account to seperate games and apps for school
  • Volume purchase program of apps for USA residents
  • If you have a school Itunes acct and you synch your IPODs and IPADs there should be no problem.
  • Peggy George: ISTE webinar on ipad implementation and apps and it was an excellent session!
  • Jess McCulloch: app Melbourne Museum – Please Touch The Exhibit
  • Peggy George: dropbox is fabulous because it syncs so many places
  • Dotty: the one drawback to the IPADS is the screen and fingerprints.
  • (Peggy George): that’s the key point!!! if the devices are shared it’s very hard to create/produce with them
  • jjash: generic email accounts for sharing works well in P-3
  • (Peggy George): Doodle Buddy Premium is free right now for the iphone so it probably is for the ipad too 🙂
  •  (Peggy George): Doodle God is a fantastic science app that allows students to create combining different scientific elements. my 8 yr old grandson loves it
  • virgin has released a new magazine just for the ipad called project – best one out there would be great if we could get schools and our students to create these types of mags
  • Tony 1: media is embeded really well costs about $4.99 per edition
  • Jess’ apps  included  popplet lite, strip design, doodle buddy, whiteboard, voice recorders, wordpress for blogging, Voice Recorder, facebook
  • Moderator (Peggy George): STrip design is a really fun, creative app
  • Moderator (Peggy George): have you tried puppet pals? they were enthusiastic about that in the ISTE webinar–students create puppet shows
  • Tony 1: This site is a google spreadsheet of curriculum links to iPad apps
  • Peggy George: great site for ipod/ipad/iphone apps with educator reviews
  • JJash: SlidetoLearn conference coming up in April on the Sunshine Coast 2011
  • Peggy George: I have to listen to this recording and pause it along the way to take it all in!!! Fantastic!
  • Peggy George: there is a huge Mobile Learning Conference taking place in Phoenix AZ in April–will have lots of great stuff related to ipads, ipods, iphones 🙂
  • Kim Caise: Make your apps
  • kim caise: Developing Apps for iOS (SD)by Paul Hegarty
  • kim caise: http://itunes.apple.com/itunes-u/developing-apps-for-ios-sd/id395631522
  • Scott Meech is a great resource and the iear site 


Tech Talk Tuesdays and eTalking – this week’s sessions!


Date: Tuesday, December 6th at 3:45-4:45pm, Melbourne, Australia (gmt+11)

About this session:- What do you know about the iPad? What would you like to know? Why are you interested inmatt and ipad using the iPad in your classroom? Is it the right piece of technology for you? This session is more of a conversation than a presentation and will cover these and more questions as well as a few iPad (and iPod Touch) apps that you might like to explore. So come along ready to ask, answer and share as well as pick up some ideas and resources along the way.
jess mccullochJess McCulloch, of Technolote fame, will lead the discussion on this emerging technology. Please join us.

Here is the link to the session

ellie on the ipad

eTalking Wednesday nights from 8-9pm

Due to many commitments this week by the organisers and moderators, there is no eT@lking but we will be back next week with a  big virtual Christmas Party and Celebration. Stay tuned for more.