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eT@lking: Google – The Next Best Thing to Being There!

When: Wednesday January  23rd, 8pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt +11)

About the session:-  We all know that taking students on excursions and field trips is a great way for them to experience the world first hand.  However, it’s not always practical or possible to take them to the places we want them to know about.  Maybe it’s too far, too expensive, too dangerous or just too impractical. And with the paperwork required to run a field trip these days, sometimes it’s just too complicated! Thanks to a range of amazing, immersive online experiences from Google we can do the next best thing to being there.

This session with Chris Betcher (@betchaboy),  introduces you to the Google Art Project, the World Wonders Project, the Google Cultural Institute, and the Digital Dead Sea Scrolls.
Please join us by clicking on this link.

Skype premium vs Google Hangouts

The dial up screen

The dial up screen

Google Hangouts

In many educational networks, google hangouts are taking off in near viral proportions. The reasons may be due to the following:-

  1. it comes free with a google+ account
  2. a simple booking  process to create a ghangout, share a link, connect direct
  3. the ability to have up to 10 videocameras on at once, a screen sharing facility,  file sharing and other useful apps (which google are constantly adding to).
  4. the ability to record and store the ghangout on youtube
  5. play to air in real time so that other participants can chat and participate in a space alongside the actual ghangout.
  6. ability to invite people in via a telephone connection (available in some countries only)
  7. “Enable Hangouts On Air” will stream a live hangout publicly on a Google+ profile, your YouTube channel and your website. Viewers can watch live, add their comments and questions to the conversation
USA, middle America, Germany and Australia participants

USA, middle America, Germany and Australia participants


Skype has been a personal favourite of mine for many years now because:-

  1. it is free
  2. ability to use chat and/or use audio
  3. ability to videoconference (although only two videos can be activated at one time)
  4. create groups
  5. group chats which can go 24/7
  6. send files
  7. share screens
  8. use emoticons
  9. group audio calls etc
  10. automatically saves chat
  11. userfriendly
  12. globally known and established

Skype premium comes at a monthly cost but enables up to 10 video linkups at once. Day passes can also be purchased. Only one person needs to have the premium account and simply calls the other participants via the usual means.

Comparing the two:-

My challenge is the poor bandwidth that comes from living in a rural area of Australia. Skype can be flakey at times and my experiences with google hangouts has not been good to date. I keep dropping out. If I pull back the connection speed, I stay in a bit longer but audio and video quality can still vary and I must be cabled in. My assumption is that skype is less bandwidth heavy than google hangouts. This conflicted with some opinions on the HLW Skypers group, of which I am a member. To test  fully, my online friend Rheinhard from Germany organised a skype linkup using his premium account between two other colleagues in the USA and myself. Immediately after the skype linkup, we connected in a google hangout to compare the stability of the two.

Skype was stable and all went well with the first linkup. (I was on wireless for skype). We then moved to the google hangout, but once in the ghangout. I had to swap to my cabled computer. Even though I pulled back my connection speed I continued to drop out. After the fifth login, I called it quits. So, for me, skype premium and skype wins as being the most reliable and stable.

Conclusions and suggestions for others:

  1. skype is far more stable than google hangouts for me
  2. skype and skype premium works well on wireless, google hangouts need to used cables for best quality
  3. you will need to test each tool to see which works best for you
  4. test them fully with your partner(s)/colleagues
  5. determine how many video linkups are required and what kind of participation is required from other interested parties.
  6. Take care if holding google hangouts with classes that you have permissions for students to be aired on youtube, if that is the chosen direction..

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Google+ Plus…..

When: Tuesday July 26th, 4 -5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)google plus

About the session: During last week’s webinar, there was high interest shown in google+. This session will feature a discussion amongst participants on google+ and then continue with further conversations around web2.0 tools, questions, issues etc. As part of the google+ discussion, Britt Gow will share her experiences so far.

Here is the link to the recording

What have you been up 2.0?Tech Talk Tuesday in Review

This was an informal session where participants determined the direction of the session. Participants came from a variety of educational sectors, from Australia and from Russia. Participants were asked the following:-

  1. What they would like discussed in this session.
  2. Tools or technology that they could share.
High interest was expressed in the recent release of google+ and twitter. Application sharing was used to demonstrate some of the tools shared.

From the chat came the following:-



General tools/sites

eT@lking: About the google gathering

Tonight there was a great gathering around ‘google’. Following on from the google teacher academy presentation of last week, participants shared favourite, experimental or innovative google apps and applications of google for education. Here is the link to the recording

Thanks to Jess McCulloch, Andrew Williamson, Rowan Peter and Roland Gesthuzien for sharing with us. Here are some of the sites and apps shared tonight.

Thanks everyone for some great sharing and googling! What can you share about the use of google? See also Rowan Peter’s great post on the gathering.

Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking: this week’s webinars

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Digital Storytelling, Tuesday May 24th 4 to 5pm, Melbourne Australia (gmt+10) time

About the session: Richard Lambert  will  share his passion for digital storytelling and its application in the classroom. Richard, who is an assistant principal and ICT Co-ordinator in his school in Victoria, Australia, is well known for his passion on this topic and has written a book together with Adam Brice called Action Stations: Digital Storytelling.

Their innovative work in this area enabled them to win the prestigious  ”Most Innovative
Curriculum” award several years ago with the Victorian Department of
Education and Early Childhood Development. 
 Please join us and share in the conversations.

Here is the Link to join the session

eT@lking: A Google Gathering

When: Tuesday May 25th, 8 to 9pm, Melbourne, Australian time (gmt+10)

About the session:  Following on from last session’s topic – “the google teacher academy”, participants will be given the opportunity to share their favourite google apps and how they use them eg creating forms in google, adding pins, images and text to google maps etc. . So, come along, bring your questions, ideas and ways in which you use google and its apps and share with us all.

Here is the link to join in this session.

eT@lking: Mahoodle/Google

In this webinar, Leo Gaggl, of brightcookie,  stepped us through google educational apps, moodle and mahara (an open source tool ePortfolio development system. Leo used app sharing expertly to actually show us exactly how this could be set up. His slides on google apps can be found here. You can try brightcookie here

From the chat

and much more. Listen to the recording.