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10 social networking sites – Global Education Conference 2010

This ground breaking, or should that by cyber breaking conference, starts later on today. As this is pioneering country, it will be interesting to see how many of the globe will attend, but what an opportunity – to meet on a global scale with global expertise for free and from the comforts of home or work, using technology that will bring the best interaction available. If you miss sessions in real time, don’t be concerned as they will be recorded.
Here are 10 social networking sites and seven conference sites  to keep referenced.

Conference sites

  1. Sessions – list of all sessions
  2. Keynotes – listing of the keynote speakers
  3. Schedule – list of all events
  4. Lounge – a meeting place for discussion, help etc
  5. Status
  6. Elluminate support
  7. Conference Guide

Social networking sites

  1. Wiki – search for resources or add your own
  2. Mentor program – become a mentor or find partners for collaborative projects
  3. Global projects
  4. Social Network – keep the conversations going
  5. Facebook – become a fan
  6. Flickr – share photos; participate in simple collaborative conference activities
  7. Slideshare – presenters, post your slides here
  8. Twitter – follow conference announcements
  9. Twitter Search – check out what others are saying about the conference
  10. Map – add your location to this Google Map