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Tracking me down!

Some memories of the classroom remain forever! One is the squeals of excitement (a sound rarely heard in the secondary classroom) from students as they found a dot on their clustrmap in their early stages of blogging. Many times, I will see the students intent upon investigating those dots further, to glean more information from those who were visiting their space.

Again, I can remember the sounds of disappointment, when students found their precious clustrmap reset. Since those early days of blogging,  many tracking widgets are now available eg feedjit, revolvermaps, geovisite, flagcounter. Each of these sites provide a piece of html code (usually upon registration) that can be copied and  pasted in a  text widget onto  the  blog sidebar. Most of these are free.

A question has been asked of me by the producer of clustrmaps:-

“What would I like to see to make my life better/simpler/more informative/more fun with respect to visitor tracking? “

My first tracking widget of choice remains with one of the originals – clustrmaps. Why?

  • I can see at a glance whether people have visited my blog (bearing in mind that few comment). This is highly motivating and inspires regular and realistic blogging.
  • The registration process is simple and user friendly
  • It is provided free with the option to pay for extra features.
  •   not filtered by our school internet service provider.
  • It is simple but effective. As life is busy, the clustrmap quickly provides a quick picture as to the blog’s visitors.
  • Engages students in blogging
  • Provides excitement in the classroom (see above)
  • Zoom in on a  larger map to give quite greater detail
  • This teaches my curious students about many countries of the world as they are keen to know where they have come from. Students investigate far more thoroughly than I do – the number of countries and how many visitors from each. Those who have busy blogs, feature some unknown countries  – a great learning outcome.
  • clustrmaps has a blog
  • supports the ‘vanity’ in us

"Zoomed in" thumbnail

    • no animation – which students love (I guess I do too as it adds character to the blog)
    • few customization options (students love to choose colour co-ordinations)
    • Have to zoom in on the widget to grab the extra stats. Geovisite displays some of these immediately, but then requires the embedding of several globes). I like to see the daily hits and the total number of visits on the actual thumbnail.
  1. What do the students think? See skippy’s blog post on Tracking Widgets.
  2. What do you think?
  3.  Do you have tracking widgets? Why? What would you like to see in regard to making your life better/simpler/more informative/more fun?  Do you use clustrmaps? Why and what could be improved?