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Educator 2.0 – Steve Hargadon Tour Promotion

This post has been written by one of my close colleagues, Carole McCulloch. Steve Hargadon has been one of the greatest influences on the development of my Professional Learning Network and immersion of technology in my classroom. He started a social networking site called Classroom2.0 which I joined 6 years ago. From there has developed an amazing supportive global network. Steve is an innovative leader whose thinking is changing the face of education through his 2.0 Series. Don’t miss this webinar nor the opportunity to learn from him in person when he comes to Australia. Note that this webinar will replace the usual nightly eT@lking.


Steve Hargadon’s Educator 2.0 Australian Tour coming to you in February 2013!

Steve will provide an overview of the Workshops and Masterclasses scheduled in four of our capital cities: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, in February 2013. For details on the tour please visit the Digital Capability site.

We are currently endeavouring to get confirmation of sufficient numbers for the workshops in February prior to November 15. This free webinar will introduce you to the Educator 2.0 concept, explore the activities you’ll experience in the workshops, and hopefully entice you to register your attendance before that date. This webinar is part of our national promotion of the Educator 2.0 Tour.

The Educator 2.0 program is designed to support the effective personal and professional growth of every educator, and is led by Steve Hargadon, one of the most important change-makers in education of our time.

The tour is is part of the “Digital Capability – Doing it Smarter” program

Steve will join us in the Australia e-Series Blackboard Collaborate room (the one that he provides for us free of charge) at a special time of 3:00 pm AEST (GMT+11) on Wednesday November 7 (International times here).

Here is the link to the recording