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The Edublogs Awards – #eddies14

lifetime achievement

Where does the year go? With the end of our Australian school nigh it is time for the Edublogs Awards. Many people argue against awards for a variety of reasons but these awards are special as they are organic, nominated and voted for by the general public, highlight those who are doing some wonderful things both in and for, education and give us a wonderful resource bank  of trends, thinking and learning. There are no prizes attached but the fact that blogs, resources and other online tools are nominated brings to the attention of us all those that have a special place in the lives and education of many.

In the school holidays, I love to go through the many nominations and see which resources will be of relevance and interest to me. There are new blogs to peruse, apps to try and online tools to experiment with.

It was with some surprise that I noticed my name had been added to the edblogs twitter list for “life time achievement’ awards. Whoever nominated me, I wish to thank you very sincerely. It makes much of the risk taking, the high evergy intake and time taken worthwhile. It also shows the value of the PLN and its wonderful place and role in pushing learning in innovative directions.

However, I was really surprised to read a tweet by my valued friend and colleague, Julie Lindsay asking people to consider voting for this blog as it had been nominated for the Best Teacher Blog. I had no idea that it was on the list until that tweet.

Again it is such an honour to be nominated and although I will not actively persue on a public scale, if you do vote for me, I  thank you so much, not only for the vote but for being a special part of my life!

best teacher blog

If you should wish to vote for any of those nominated across the globe, please goto the Edublogs Awards site and ‘get lost’ looking at all the onderful nominations. Click on the like button and follow the prompts.

Others that are special to me include:-




The Eddies Awards

finalist lifetime achievement
The Eddies awards are current for 2013. These awards highlight the great work of educators and enable further connections, provide resources and new things to read and apps to try.

It was with great surprise that I noticed that I had been nominated for the Lifetime Achievement award. I have no idea who my nominator is but wish to sincerely thank them and all the people who have voted for me so far.  If you would like to vote in these awards, goto the Awards site. If you don’t wish to be involved in the voting process, take note of the categories, research the nominations,  explore further and return again to the award nominees page these become a rich learning resource.

If you would care to vote for me, please go to the Lifetime Achievement page, register for lislty and tick my nomination. However there are many, many worthy nominees for the same award many of whom are my personal heroes.

May I also suggest voting for HLW World Skypers group in the Best Use of Social Networking and the Global Classroom Project for the best use of wikis in education (as I am also an active member of both of these)

Congratulations to all who were nominated and to all of you who keep pioneering in the exciting world of technology and networking.


Excited to be nominated for Edublogs Awards 2011

Having just survived a couple of busy and challenging weeks, it was with some amazement but also pride and humility, that twitter alerted me to the fact that  my work  has been nominated for the edublogs awards under the following categories.  Before you look at those categories I wish to sincerely thank the colleagues who have  nominated me. It really made my day to hear on twitter of the nominations. If you would like to, please vote for the following but also check out the other wonderful nominations and consider them as well. These nominations offer a treasure trove of wonderful online work by global colleagues.

  1. Best Open PD/conference – Tech Talk Tuesdays
  2. Best Teacher Blog – On an eJourney with Generation Y
  3. And perhaps the most precious and special of all – Lifetime Achievement nomination (especially when you read the list of amazing people nominated)
  4. Best Open PD/conference – The Australia Series – of which Tech Talk Tuesdays is a component

Thank you in advance for your support, the amazing network that I am part of and for any of you who may wish to vote for any of the above. Congratulations to all nominees!

Shortlisted for Edublogs Awards 2010

I am proud to be shortlisted for two Edublogs Awards and so is one of my student bloggers. If you have time and enjoy our work, we would love you to vote for us. Here is the link to go to and the title of the blog or webinar is beside it.

  1. Best Student Blog – dhugsy
  2. Best Teacher Blog – On an e-Journey with Generation Y
  3. Best Educational Webinar Series – Tech Talk Tuesdays

Thanks, this means a lot!