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Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking: this week’s webinars

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Digital Storytelling, Tuesday May 24th 4 to 5pm, Melbourne Australia (gmt+10) time

About the session: Richard Lambert  will  share his passion for digital storytelling and its application in the classroom. Richard, who is an assistant principal and ICT Co-ordinator in his school in Victoria, Australia, is well known for his passion on this topic and has written a book together with Adam Brice called Action Stations: Digital Storytelling.

Their innovative work in this area enabled them to win the prestigious  ”Most Innovative
Curriculum” award several years ago with the Victorian Department of
Education and Early Childhood Development. 
 Please join us and share in the conversations.

Here is the Link to join the session

eT@lking: A Google Gathering

When: Tuesday May 25th, 8 to 9pm, Melbourne, Australian time (gmt+10)

About the session:  Following on from last session’s topic – “the google teacher academy”, participants will be given the opportunity to share their favourite google apps and how they use them eg creating forms in google, adding pins, images and text to google maps etc. . So, come along, bring your questions, ideas and ways in which you use google and its apps and share with us all.

Here is the link to join in this session.


Online hosting

Well, it has been a long time since I have made an entry in my blog. The grade 6 podcasts have mostly been converted to both wmv and mp4 format. However, having completed the enhanced podcasts, it was then time to upload our digital movies for sharing with both Las Vegas and Korea.

The Middle Faiss School in Las Vegas were blocked from using wikis, so Evan set up a ning area for us to share comments and videos. The first of his students went up on Monday and I have since uploaded approximately 8 of my students’ work. Initially the movies were made in both mp1 and then email wmv format at 512 kbs. The email versions were then uploaded into Teacher tube which is very user friendly. Code was then taken from this site to embed in my blog  and the ning sites. However, their movies have the teachertube logo plastered on them. The file saving type worked well and the movies playback readily without requiring buffering. Teacher tube does not seem to be very fussy about the length of time for the movies. Already each movie has had quite a few views and some comments have come in. The students love this because it gives them an authentic audience. One person was about to start a unit on Australia and would use a farm video of ours to introduce it.

Then I had a go at directly uploading them into our ning space and that worked really well without needing to be hosted elsewhere. In the meantime, I joined www.vidsnacks.ning.com This is a great site where teachers really interested in video making are so generous in sharing ideas, tips, tutorials and videos. Every day I look up this site and get some new information from it.

The Las Vegas movie was interesting in that they did a mockup on Las Vegas. The issues and most famous aspects of Las Vegas were depicted through mockups rather than straight documentaries so it added a humorous element. We were fascinated to see their desert as it was not as we imagained at all. This type of learning is so powerful.  Education becomes real and fun.

The Hawkesdale Hotel

 Hawkesdale township in Western Victoria, Australia, has a beautiful old bluestone building built in 1855. This enhanced podcast has been produced by a year 10 student where you can learn a little of its history. Two of our senior residents are also interviewed during this podcast.
Download Video: Posted by murch at TeacherTube.com.

An online PD session

Simon, our cluster co-ordinator reminded me that the education channel had their online conference on Tue, Wed and Thur. I had missed seeing this somehow and decided to register for it late yesterday afternoon. As my easiest day at school is a Thursday, I had some time to logon and listen. By the time I downloaded the new update for Elluminate, the first session had finished.

So I missed recess and sat at my desk and joined in the second session. I really liked what I saw and wanted to particpate in any voting categories but I could not find the pen. Despite asking via the chat option where it was, I discovered that I, alone did not have one due to some glitch. Anyway I listened and watched for 40 mins or so. To my surprise I won the Canon digital camera that had been offered as a prize to one of the participants. The session was What does powerful learning look like? with Jason Callaghan. At 12:00 the final session took place. This was a very interesting session by Cameron Ball on Open Source Software leading network change. I decided to fill in the online survey form and was pleased to find that I had earned an iTunes voucher.

I decided to try logging on to the voicethread that JoNelle had invited me to join. Four grade four students came with me and we tried to upload their little self images that they had created in MS Paint and record them speaking about their hobbies and interests. Leki was first and even though it seemed to upload and save her image and also record her voice, it failed to upload so I do not know what we did wrong. A pleading email has gone off to JoNelle for help and advice.

Next, I worked with grade 6s, only to find that at the end of the session, our server was full and would not allow us to save any work. Even on the desktop we had problems. The three boys who had had to redo a lot of theirs as they had difficulty retrieving their last copy, were very frustrated. They had done such a great job, and in fact, one of them said he had never worked so hard in a lesson. We will see what tomorrow brings. The technicians are in tomorrow so I hope we can sort it out.