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A minecraft raid!

The students are nearly driving me mad! They want to come in at each recess and lunchtime to continue learning in minecraft! It is now going viral! My 9/10 students have been allowed in on several occasions, but I am concerned about the others who want to come in and who have not been through our group discussion of appropriate behaviour and citizenship in minecraft etc. Their students love to show their friends how to play minecraft.

Almost a week to the day, one of my most experienced minecraft players came up to me at lunchtime and asked why the year 7 students were allowed into our world. It appears that the Quantum minecraft was not working (which is where they are supposed to be) and the technician suggested to their teacher that they could go into the school’s minecraft server.

Unfortunately, they raided Nathan’s place which he had so proudly built and shared its space with they other 9/10 ICT students. He had left tools for them in his chest, built a stove to cook food on and left signage everywhere to explain areas. To his consternation, the younger students had raided his house, broken his windows etc. I told him to come in at lunchtime to explore the extent of the damage only to find out that the year 7s were back in the world, using another computer lab in the school for access.

I quickly worked my way to the computer pod and let forth my wrath on the students who were all in there. They sheepishly said they were trying to repair the damage and put the place back as Nathan had left it. It took them all lunchtime to dig for sand to make more glass to repair the windows. They also replaced the tools in the chest. But rather amazingly, Nathan went down and then taught them more skills in the game! Faith is now restored in each other

The technician talked about trying to run another server so that year 7s and 9120s could work in a different world, but after discussion with the other teacher involved, we want them to learn to live together in this world. Some of the lessons learnt today would have been quite difficult to teach in a theory type class, but they have become poignant in the game.

It is obvious that we need to work with the students and develop a code of conduct and then just keep on learning together how to build collaboratively and live harmoniously together.

Do you have any advice for us? How do you manage school communities in minecraft. What experience could you share with us? Have you used or developed a set of protocols?


Empower digital citizenship action

In challenge #7 of the Certified Flat Classroom teachers’ course, we were asked to discuss the possibilities of student-empowered digital citizenship with your administration and/or colleagues. Plan and determine how you will use “reverse mentoring” opportunities to stay abreast of digital citizenship and how this can be shared through your organization.

As a school that has just gone 1:1 for students from years 5 to 12, the administration of my school fully supports ‘reverse mentoring’ and is keen to ensure that appropriate digital citizenship is taught and learnt. A small group of students formed student action teams to work on two trial projects with the Innovations and Next Practise division of our state Victorian Education Department – Learning Responsibly Online and Digital Demons – Playing by the Rules. The latter project involved student action teams from across Victoria who worked with the Melbourne Football Club, an AFL Football Team. They explored appropriate behaviour and safety in social networking and other online sites eg facebook, twitter etc where high profile sports players network and then related back to schools and individuals. The footy players were honest in the mistakes they had made and shared their experiences. The student groups surveyed students in our school and other global participants on their use of the internet. The student team was concerned about the number of hours that students are online networking (some well after midnight). Students created a digital video on cyber bullying, uploaded it to youtube and shared it with their classmates. They also wrote several articles for our local newspaper. As I teach ICT, I have the opportunity to

However, in 2012, we could take this further. Here are some ideas:-

  1. Further discussions with students exploring the opportunity of having a specific mentoring group setup.
  2. Setup a student survey on our school blog. This can alert us to any areas of concern and keep us abreast of the networking tools that students are using.
  3. Students add posts as guest bloggers on our school blog or class blogs.
  4. Get students to speak at staff meetings of their favourite networking sites, how they use them and why they use them.
  5. As I teach ICT, I could give 10 mins of each lesson or once a week for students to share their online and digital world with me and the other students eg latest games they play, uses of networking sites, new tools they have discovered, latest phone apps and discoveries etc.
  6. In 2012, it is likely that I will be teaching a couple of primary school classes. Will sign them up for Super Clubs Plus, which is a social networking site that is supervised at all times.
  7. Hold evening meetings for parents each term as they are important stake holders. These meetings could be face to face, or virtual (involving web conferencing). Students could be present and show how many of their favourite online sites work, share how to have strong and safe digital profiles etc
  8. Students write articles for the community school newsletter and our local newspaper on a regular basis.
  9. I shall explore further in 2012, the networking sites that  years 9/10 use and shared with me at the end of 2011. See word cloud created with  wordle below.

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eT@lking in Review: Digital Citizenship-What do you need to be one?

A big thank you to Veronica Fitzgerald who so aptly put together some slides and some great discussion points on this topic. Veronica aptly led us through an intense discussion on this topic. Coach Carole also provided some resources and links and as usual, the participants were actively involved contributing their knowledge, ideas and opinions. Thanks everyone.

Here is a link to the recording.

From the chat came the following:-

From the chat