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Imagina Books – VR/AR for learning

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Imaginer Books on Kickstarter

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are of high interest to me, but I  am still a little uncertain as to  they can be used in the classroom. I have purchased a VR headset recently. I can place my iPhone into the headset, watch 360 degree videos and use “google card” apps to take virtual tours. But….. is AR just a fleeting gimmick or how can learning be enriched with this technology.

I received an email last week from Hisham Hosni of Livit Studios who, like many of us, firmly believes that education is the most important aspect of a child’s life. Their vision at Livit Studios is to use Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in delivering a better and more enjoyable educational experience for our children. Apple has officially supported AR on IOS, so that the iPhone and iPads are AR-Ready.

This week, their Kickstarter campaign was launched at Imagina Books  The Human Body Augmented Reality Book certainly shows how AR/VR can make learning richer.  It can be read on both android and IOS devices. The real value of VR and AR now comes to life as students can see exactly how parts of our human body work, not just through static images but through living, vibrant 3D views, where they can take a virtual tour of human organs and body parts. The book and app  display the actual beating of the heart making  for  deeper understanding how the heart actually looks and works.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit their website,  see the press kit and some pictures and videos showcasing the product at Imagina Books Press Kit. There is also a Facebook page and  a Twitter account.  This would make a great gift for my grandchildren!

Let’s hope there are many more products like this to aid in learning using VR/AR technology.

eT@lking: Augmented Reality

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When: Wednesday 27th February, 8-9pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11) or see timeanddate for the times in your time zone.

About this session: Augmented Reality will be the topic of conversation during this free webinar.  Experience its wonder through the eyes of Christopher Winter, Senior Program Officer (Professional Development), Dept of Training and Workforce Devlpt, Perth. This webinar is part of the Australia eSeries.

Here is the link to join this session.

You can read more about this session from Chris and his description below:-

What if your students could stand in any room and by looking through their phones camera, be presented with an entirely new virtual world? What if instead of 30 students crowding around one physical object, they could each have an almost tangible replica on their desks to study, even when at home?

Augmented Reality is not a new technology and was in fact in danger of fading out before it really had chance to make an impact. The fact was that holding a piece of paper up to a webcam in order to see a 3D object on a desktop computer is neither engaging nor fun. It was less than intuitive and quite cumbersome.

Fast forward to the present day and thanks to the mobile revolution Augmented Reality is not just an option, but an integral part of effective mobile delivery. Engaging students in the real world rather than a dingy computer lab really brings back the possibility for blended delivery in a digital age.

Join us as we explore effective use of mobile technology in delivery and get ready for the very near future.

You are encouraged to have a mobile device with internet connection to hand during the session and have the following apps pre-loaded if possible:

  •  A QR code reader (such as Qrafter for iOS or Google Goggles for Android)
  • Augment (iOS and Android) and also print the required Marker. All available from http://augmentedev.com/
  • Layer (AR browser for iOS and Android)Wikitude (AR browser for iOS and Android)
  • While downloading the above will help you engage with the session on the day, it  will also be demonstrated via webcam.

 Have you used Augmented Reality? What do you know about it?

A big thankyou to Chris Smith for creating this video of the session.

Immersive Education and Virtual Worlds – eT@lking in Review

What an intriguing and interesting session this was. Jane Talyor shared her experiences at the Immersive Education Conference in Boston in June 2012. She shared cutting edge use of technology, augmented reality and virtual worlds and more and its potential in education. Jane and Mic Lowne, who moderated this session teach at  Wooranna Park PS with amazing learning spaces. Below are some of the links shared.

Here is a link to the recording.  Shamblesguru, one of the participants from Chiang Mai, Thailand shared many useful links as well.

From Jane Taylor

Youtube videos

From Shamblesguru

  1. Apps for android devices
  2. Chirp sings information to another iDevice
  3. Virtual Student Fair
  4. Augmented Reality App – one there will teach nutrition
  5. Teach Digital and the The 10 Cube Challenge: Using Virtual Worlds To Foster Creative Thinking
  6. EcoMuve by Havard
  7. Wonderland
  8. Link to Sim on a Stick – Virtual Worlds on a USB stick
  9. Free Augmented Reality App 3D Spacecraft from NASA
  10. Scoopit Teacher CPD Online

From the chat

  • Simon shared Cloud Party Time (requires Facebook login)
  • Learn Scratch Resources

eT@lking Webinar: Immersive Education and Virtual Worlds

This week we will be joined by teacher Jane Taylor from Wooranna Park PS.  Earlier this year Jane attended the Immersive Education Summit in Boston, MA. and has agreed to share with us some of her findings from the conference.

When: Wednesday 5th September, 2012

Where: The link to our Blackboard Collaborate room.

About the Session: The world of virtual worlds, immersive education and augmented reality is constantly growing and expanding.  In this session Jane will talk about some of the exciting opportunities for teachers and students including Open Wonderland, Scratch, EcoMuve and many more.