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Getting staff on board web2.0 cont…..

Jess McCulloch  and I have 20 days teacher professional leave in 2008, to look at ‘laying the eplanks for a virtual classroom. Today, we used one of those days for reflection, planning and builiding up our resources. Now that blogging has become established amongst our students, we looked at getting staff on board web2.0
Lengthy discussion followed. Should we aim for 100%, 75%, 50% staff usage of web2.0?


  • At a recent teaching and learning meeting, it was recognised that some staff may see no need, nor have time to learn and introduce it into their classroom curriculum. This applies especially at senior levels, where there is a set curriculum to adhere to, SATs to complete and exams to be sat.
  • Some staff including the physical education staff saw no real need. (We, of course, could argue against this, but there is no point at this stage.)
  • It is too hard and time consuming to take on board
  • They feel they have ‘missed their opportunity’ to come on board, and will never catch up now.
  • Don’t know where to start and then, what to do with the tools.

Current uses of ICT and Web2.0

  • All our teaching staff have registered for a social bookmarking account as they can see a ‘need’ to have such an account.  So, we do have 100% use of web2.0 for this use, (if it is used at all).
  • most communications are by email and all our reports are completed on a computer, using the software markbooks.
  • An intranet has just been set up by our technician using MS Sharepoint
  • All teaching staff, but one retired part-timer, have a personal laptop, leased through the department.
  • 80% or our primary school staff, are blogging and have got involved in global projects.
  • 50% of our total 34-12 staff have created blogs with most posting now.
  • A grade 6 classroom blog has been set up
  • One aide has commenced blogging
  • Other office staff, science lab assistants, library assistants and other SSO staff are showing interest and have asked for after school pd sessions etc
  • It has taken ‘baby’ steps to gradually get staff on board. The air of excitement and notable keenness  of students using blogging has created an interest in other staff, and allowed them to see a need, niche and use for blogging.
    What we need to do:

  • Continue with 10 minute spot pd’s at staff meetings
  • ‘Walk in walk out’ Wednesdays (offer our time for 1 hour after school, for staff to come in with any questions, concerns, needs or just to have time to work on computers and leave at any time)
  • Approach staff on an individual basis to seek out their needs, inhibitions and potential uses.
  • Direct staff to possible social networks who may be able to help them use these tools
  • Encourage participation in global projects.
  • Set up resources, links and tutorials including podcasts on our school intranet








Preps, web2.0 and ICT

In our goal, with the support of our school leadership and teaching and learning team, to ‘lay the eplanks for a virtual classroom’, we are looking at the following elements of the conceptual age:-

  • connectivity
  • creativity
  • communicate

After speaking withTrish Butters, our current prep teacher, Trish was of the opinion (and I tend to agree with her), that there is little use for web2.0 in her classroom.  It is felt that preps (5 year olds) need to connect with each other and their teacher in this important formative year. Connections outside this realm would have no meaning or impact. 
 Despite, many of them going to Warrnambool to shop (a 30 minute trip), they still have no concept  of it being Warrnambool. If a map of the world was shown to them, it would have no meaning either. Even basic ICT and computer skill use is lacking. Some students still have had no exposure to a mouse or computers, and need to learn computer basics. So communication skills will be built upon within the classroom only.
This leaves creativity and my suggestion to Trish, that she might set up a class blog, where a collection of their activities, writings, art work could be stored online etc. Some interest was shown in this, but time is an important element. It would basically cover communication as well.
Any comments on this issue would be welcomed!!