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Digital Literacy

Tonight, I presented for Eduwebinar in an online session on the topic of Digital Literacy, Skill Development and Curriculum Connections. This is a huge area for discussion, but demonstrates some of the literacies that I think are important.

See the presentation


Three G’s for Global

The three G’s

  1. Global presenters from across the world, presented on a –
  2. Global theme –  Globally Connected Learning in a –
  3. Google Hangout
My opening slide

My opening slide

Reinhard Marx sought interest from members of the HLW skypers group in presenting to teachers of English at a conference in Russia on the topic of “Globally Connected Learning” . The time suite me – 7pm my time, so I was in.

Steve Sherman from Sth Africa, Larisa from Serbia Russia, Maria del Carmen Colussa of Sth America Anna and Michael from Russia, Reinhard from Germany and me, from Australia logged into a google hangout to present to about 300 English teachers live at the Paedagogical University Chelyabinsk, Russia. The google hangout was chosen as it is free, could be recorded, allowed screen sharing and could be broadcast live on youtube.

Prior to the presentation

  • a google presentation was set up so that we collaborate and add our slides.
  • a google document and qr code was set up to allow for questions from the participants after the event.
  • an online meeting in a hangout was held in late December
  • extra messaging and chat took place in gmail or on skype
The university theatre with our presenttion up on the screen
The university theatre with our presentation up on the screen and the virtual presenters

The university theatre with our presentation up on the screen and the virtual presenters

The presentation

  • the presenters logged into the hangout early to test sound and make sure all was ready.
    However, we had many technical issues. I returned to school as the bandwidth is much stronger than at home, but my microphone did not work in the hangout, so switched to a computer lab desktop, which meant that I did not have a webcam. The first hangout link did not work well, so another had to be quickly booked by Steve in Sth Africa. We started a little late due to the difficulties.
  • Steve and Reinhard co-ordinated the session virtually, whilst a technician in Russia ensured all was working there.
  • Reinhard commenced the presentation and then the rest of us spoke to our slides for approximately 7 mins.
Larissa of Siberia waits to give her presentation

Larissa of Siberia waits to give her presentation

The highlights

  • being part of a presentation that involved speakers from so many continents
  • seeing the theatre that our participants were in, in Russia – always amazing to think that this can be even done!
  • having two experts on hangouts in our midst
  • listening to my colleagues share their experiences with globally connected learning
  • just being able to be part of a presentation that involved the globe!
  • pioneering and paving the way for more presentations like this

The challenges

  • as always, technology does not always work as it should but we kept working at alternatives to ensure the presentation went ahead
  • keeping all presenters, who all had so much to share, to their assigned time frame
  • ensuring presenters had their mics on mute when not speaking as any movement often activated their image on the main screen
  • learning to have the current presenter or speakers module highlighted so we could see the shared screen
  • speaking slowly and clearly enough to allow for differing accents

hangout snapshot of slide
Here is our presentation

Some great art and global education webinars this week!

There are some fabulous free online webinars this week for those people interested in global education and art – especially the work of Monet and its application into the classroom. These webinars will take place in blackboard collaborate software. Simply click on the link and enter the room once java downloads. The details about these webinars are below:

Monet Comes To School Online – Monet for years 3-4

When: Tuesday, August 6th 4-5:30pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Join National Gallery Victoria (NGV) Educators for an introduction to the exhibition ‘Monet’s Garden: ‘The Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris’ (National Gallery of Victoria, 11 May – 8 September 2013, NGV International) and an interactive discussion of art and cross-curricular projects for the Year 3 and 4 classroom inspired by Monet.

 Here is the link to join this session

Monet Comes to School Online for Years 5 and 6

When: August 7th, 4:00-5:30pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

Join NGV Educators for an introduction to the exhibition Monet’s Garden: ‘The Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris’ (National Gallery of Victoria, 11 May – 8 September 2013, NGV International) and an interactive discussion of art and cross-curricular projects for the Years 5 and 6 classroom inspired by Monet.

GTAV International Year of Water Co-operation 

Tuesday August 6th, 3:45 – 5:515pm

In the International Year of Water Cooperation, join us to discover resources and ideas to teach about this finite, yet vital, commodity. We’ll look at water connections to poverty, education, sustainable futures and disease and what  global partnerships are doing to enable access to clean, safe water for all.

The workshop will provide teachers with a range of engaging activities and links to resources that can be implemented in the classroom immediately.

Here is the link to join this session

Global Perspectives in the Primary Classroom: Building Global Citizens

Wednesday August 7th, 3:45-5:15 pm, Melbourne, Australia (gmt+10)

This session will introduce primary teachers to the concept of ‘building global citizens’. Using the Global Perspectives: A  framework for global education in Australian schools teachers will have an opportunity to explore important themes such as identity and cultural diversity, interdependence and  globalisation, social justice and human rights, peace building and conflict resolution and sustainable futures.

Click on this link to join the session.