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20 reasons why students should blog

Blogging is such powerful learning material and students should blog. Why?………………………Here are just 20 reasons  This post has been written as a draft for a few days, but I wish to publish it now, in support of @alupton and his … Continue reading

Is Blogging Dead?

Earlier this year, I had a conversation with one of the new teachers at our school about blogging which was overheard by one of our senior teachers who has been at our school for many years. That senior teacher made … Continue reading

Feel safe with these ideas for blogging with students!

“Blogging – an essential online space” (link to the recording)  was the theme of this week’s Tech Talk Tuesdays. I feel stronly that blogging should be open and online. Why?  Otherwise students should use offline tools to document their learning … Continue reading

The Phenomenon that is Blogging

Several weeks ago, I was interviewed via skype by some teachers from Kerala, India about the reasons for blogging. My friend, Sebastian Panakal setup this videoconference. That same day I caught up on my overdue reading of the Edublogger and … Continue reading

Learning to Blog

“Learning to Blog” is a workshop that Britt Gow and I will conduct tomorrow at Warrnambool College with interested staff. Here is a google doc for you to ask any questions that you might have. Let’s get started:- Go to global2 and sign … Continue reading

Netbooks for students

  Through a series of grants and funding, Hawkesdale P12 College has purchased a set of 16 acer aspire ones, 1gb ram, 120gb rom for mobile use by staf and students. The increasing use of web2.0 tools and technological access … Continue reading

What I need to teach students in order to blog

Rationale for student blogs:- To give students a platform to connect, communicate and collaborate with an authentic  audience that includes students, teachers, parents, local community and a global community. Blogging is a tool that allows students to make their work … Continue reading

Happy belated birthday dear blog!!!

As usual, I often forget  important events and dates and here is one I have actually missed – the birthday salute to this blog. My first post was on June 27th, 2007, entitled Getting started! and my opening lines were … Continue reading

10 reasons for commenting on blogs

 “A comment a day encourages bloggers to have their say.” (A quote from one of my twitter friends.)  When using online tools, the power of leaving comments when viewing other people’s work should not be overlooked. Comments can be made … Continue reading

Learning with Stats!

Statistics have always fascinated me. Therefore it is with some interest that I  look at the stats section of my wordpress blog often on a daily basis. These are the sections I like to look at the following The numbers of … Continue reading