Daily Archives: September 17, 2020

Wellness Wednesday

It has been 6 long weeks of remote learning. In our first lockdown, students missed school for over 10 weeks (but this included a two week autumn break). In regional Victoria, we returned to school at the end of term 2 but three weeks into term 3, we were locked down again and returned to remote learning. There are many positives that have come out of online learning but it is hard work and we all miss the face to face interactions (even if we are in masks)!

To encourage our students and staff to have a day away from their screens, we were all given the oppoturnity to enjoy a Wellness Wednesday. We were encouraged to participate in activities that we like to do to help us destress. A MS Team was created, with channels for staff and each year level to share photos, videos, writing etc of how they enjoyed filling in the day.

It was a beautiful spring day, with the temperatures reaching 22 degrees. It was forecast to be cloudy, but the sun shone in the afternoon. I managed to get a lot done. First on my list was a haircut as I hadnt had one for nearly 6 months and that was just prior to the first lock down. Many hairdressers have been closed due to COVID-19 but I managed to find one that could cut my hair. We have to wear masks everywhere now, so it was interesting taking part in muffled conversations and watching the hairdresser avoid cutting my elastic ties on the mask!

During the day, I picked and bunched flowers, planted seedlings and weeded the vegetable garden. Upon leaving Warrnambool, where I got my haircut, I stopped at our beautiful Killarney beach to go for a brief walk. The ocean was a beautiful blue and waves sported white caps. Although there were a few cars in the park, there were no signs of the people (who must have been out walking).

Students are now sharing what they did – from gardening, climbing trees, computer games, drawing, painting, playing sport (solo) etc. It was such a successful day and a wonderful day.