Variety Show during remote learning

Before each class students in year 7 and 8 ICT make suggestions about a topic they can share on. MS Teams chat is used for this. Then a Polly (poll) is set up for them to vote on their choice. This is an effort to keep them connected with their social well being at heart. I have year 7 twice a week, the last lesson of the day on Monday and the last lesson of the day on Friday. It always amazes me as ot hoe many different ideas they come up with.

For this lesson they had a variety of suggestions so it was decided to call it the variety show. Students were encouraged to bring a family member,  favourite book, photo or music with them. They showed them to the webcamers, or shared their screen or put the images in the chat and then spoke to them. Below is one of the favourite books. The student explained why it was his favourite and why other students should read it.

aiden favourite book

Read some blog posts by students on this lesson:

  1. Aiden on ICT on Friday 1st
  2. Variety Showby Cody

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