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Those confusing Time Zones


Time zones can be very confusing and can be a major challenge for those who wish to connect globally in real time. Australia is one of the first countries to enter a new day so even though we may get the times right, we may have the wrong day as it can be Thursday for me and Wednesday for other countries eg USA. Then daylight saving is used in many countries. My students are always fascinated with the fact that they live in the future for many!!!

It is important to understand gmt or utc time as all countries can work out the time difference using this measurement. I live in SE Australia so for half the year, I am gmt+10 and when daylight saving starts, am gmt+11 or AEDT.

Following are some apps and tools that can help:

  1. Time on a smart mobile (cell) phone
  2. Time and date  Timeanddate
  3. Doodle  Doodle
  4. World Time Buddy  World Time Buddy

As I use a windows computer and laptop, another option has been brought to my attention from Joe McNaulty in USA.

Here’s how to add UTC to your Windows 10 Task Bar: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-set-multiple-time-zone-clocks-windows-10 Puts it in the lower right corner when you hover over your clock.

I am going to try doing this as it may be the efiicient way to check when I decisions have to be made quickly.