Using Twitter for Professional Learning

Tomorrow I will informally present to a group of Lucy Gray’s students who have been studying different ways of gaining professional learning (PD). My topic will be using Twitter and Twitter Chats for PD.

The following online resources will be shared

  1.  Twitter Chats – a list of resources that that can be accessed during and after the session.
  2. All Things Twitter – a previous presentation of mine that has general tips on using Twitter.

Twitter can be used for PD:-

  1. As a general search engine on topics of interest
  2. Following hashtags of interest
  3. Creating lists of tweeters who have common educational interests
  4. Through subscriptions to existing lists – tweeters who have common interests in education eg global education, games in learning etc
  5. Twitter chats

I like the idea of Lucy calling on her extensive global network to present on topics that they are familiar and passionate with, in regard to PD.

What have I missed? What would you share with a group of trainee teachers?


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