Australia Day


On 26th January, Australians celebrate Australia Day – a day to be proud of being Australian and a time for reflection on how lucky we are to live in this wonderful country of ours. We enjoy a wonderful lifestyle, good wages/working conditions, health benefits, freedom of speech and so much more. Australia Day is a public holiday for all!

On this day, (although the date is now somewhat contentious), schools are still on summer vacation. Many people are camping and enjoy barbecues on this day. It often starts with a community breakfast put on free by a number of service clubs and community organisations. The Lions Club of Port Fairy (where we are camping) put on a bbq breakfast of sausages, bacon/egg in fresh bread, bottles of juice apples, oranges and tea or coffee.

This was followed by a Moyne Shire awards ceremony where a number of people are recognised for their outstanding achievements and service to the community. It was with some pride that my nephew, Steven Mirtschin, received the Moyne Shire  Young Citizen Award.


Many Australians will enjoy the warm summer day with barbecues, swimming and other traditional Australian foods including lamingtons  (white coated cake, iced with chocolate icing, coated in coconut.


As we are camping in the Port Fairy caravan park, we joined many fellow campers at 7pm and gathered around 17 flags (for 2017) of varying heights, to sing the National Anthem.


The song “I Am Australian” could be heard at various times of the day.


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