New Year – A great lesson in Global Time Zones

As the Western world and parts of the Eastern World enter 2017, its celebration via fireworks and countdown to the New Year is a great way for all to learn of global time zones.

Living in Eastern Australia, we enter the New Year 2 hours behind our counterparts in New Zealand, who are amongst the first in the world to celebrate the New Year. Tonga is the first country to celebrate New Year.  It is fascinating to get up on New Year’s Day and watch the fireworks in other countries and time zones as New Year’s Day arrives. London’s fireworks could be seen at lunchtime on our New Year’s Day and New York’s in our late afternoon of New Year’s Day.

This is a great way to actually ‘see’ time zone differences and gain an understanding of how different countries and cultures celebrate New Year’s Day. Read more about the times in relation to London for global New Year.

How do you celebrate New Year’s Day? When is your New Year’s Day? The Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 28th 2017. This will be the Year of the Chicken.

On New Year’s Eve, we like to go to Port Fairy and watch the annual parade which is part of the Moyneyana Festival. There are a variety of floats and vehicles who take part.




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