Day 4 China Trip

As today marked the start of the Mid-Autumn festival for the Chinese people, it was a public holiday and would be over a 3 day period. Students would spend the full day with host families. This caused even more angst with some than the first night spent with the families. There was no relief from coming to school to be with familiar friends and teachers during the daytime. They had to survive 2 nights and a whole day in a completely different space and culture.

Yet, all enjoyed their time. Some went shopping, some visited tourist attractions, some dined in restaurants and some just stayed home. Several host families combined activities much to the relief of our students.

The adults and Hawkesdale staff were treated to an action packed day tour provided by Beijing no 27 school We were given  a driver and a tour guide for the day and visited the Beijing Museum, walked through the hutong and along the Grand Canal, visited the Drum Tower and heard the drumming demonstrations, visited Peking University and as night fell walked through Olympic Park which was a magnificent sight as darkness fell and the lighting on the buildings came into effect.

The moon was resplendent for the mid-autumn festival.

Lunch was in a local Chinese restaurant where one of our dishes was the traditional Beijing noodles. The evening meal was in another wonderful restaurant featuring Peking Duck amongst many other dishes.


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